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EDITOR'S NOTE MARTIN ROWE SENIOR TECHNICAL EDITOR Gone digital B y the time you receive this, Test & Measurement World will have gone all digital: this is the last print magazine. Now we editors can focus all our energy on just one format, delivering news, tech- This new site enables us to exchange infor- mation in an environ- ment custom-made for test engineers. nical information, and commentary in real time. With this change comes a new, which launched earlier this month. This new site enables us to exchange information in an envi- ronment custom-made for engineers involved in test. We look forward to bringing you more tech- nical content as well as engage in timely, relevant discussions about your latest test challenges and discoveries. With this rede- sign, we've also changed how we organize content on The site has five Test Centers: • Design and Prototyping: Here, you'll find articles covering design-for-test, simulation, and PCB layout. • Characterization: We'll cover signal analysis, signal integrity, data acquisition and analysis, EMC test, and topics on general-purpose mea- surements. We also cover programming tech- niques and test circuits. • Manufacturing: Articles on boundary scan, yield, throughput, statistical-process control, sys- tem integration, programming, inspection, IC test (analog, digital, and mixed-signal), board test, machine vision, wafer-level testing, and rele- vant case studies go here. • Field Service: Here you'll find information on the latest portable and handheld test tools, plus measurement tips and techniques to get produc- tion lines up and running quickly. Furthermore, all electrical measurement equipment needs cali- bration. The Field Service Test Center also in- cludes calibration and equipment management. • Failure Analysis: Look here for articles on di- agnosing failures, particularly in ICs. Think of each Test Center as a community where you and fellow engineers can discuss proj- ects, workarounds, and test techniques. All con- tent on the new is free and avail- able without registering. If you're inspired to comment, a quick-start registration can get you started, but we suggest that you eventually set up a profile where peers can find you. You can then follow specific articles or people and upload your own articles (we'll vet them and guide you in making them better). So, say one of our blog- gers covers an area of interest, you can follow that blogger (or any registered user). Or, if you think you can do better, send in your own blog! My favorite reason for registering is the per- sonal library, the digital equivalent of tearing out pages. You can save any article to your library for future reference. We'll work to keep a constant flow of content, but we need your help and guidance. If you have an article idea or you'd like to blog on a topic, let us know. If have images of a recent test rig you set up, send them in. Perhaps you have a measurement or programming technique to share. The new is the forum for sharing it. We'll help you connect you with like- minded engineers who can help you get your design tested and out to market. Contact me at for Design and Prototyp- ing, Characterization, and Field Service. Contact Janine Love at for Manu- facturing and Failure Analysis. If you've never contributed before, now is the time. If you have contributed before, we welcome your new con- tent ideas. In the meantime, see you online at T&MW Test & Measurement World | JULY/AUGUST 2012 | –9–

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