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NEWSBRIEFS Teseq increases presence in RF amplifier market Teseq announced its intentions to acquire New York-based Instruments for Industry (IFI), a designer and manufacturer of sol- id-state and TWT (traveling wave tube) amplifiers, to broaden its product line in the RF amplifier market. By combining the competencies of IFI and the recently acquired Milmega with its own EMC emission and immunity test expertise, Teseq will be able to offer customers sys- tems for a variety of applications, includ- ing commercial, industrial, automotive, military, defense, and communications. Johannes Schmid, president of Teseq, said, "Because IFI is a US-based manu- facturer, we have an immediate increase in the services we can offer this growing customer base. With the future acquisi- tion of IFI, Teseq will expand its product range from 9 kHz up to 40 GHz and up to 10 kW. IFI brings the latest in GaN and LDMOS Class AB solid- state technology and the knowledge to manufacture TWT amplifiers, as well as its excellent relationships within the defense and military markets, to Teseq." Teseq, LeCroy to be acquired LeCroy announced on May 30 that Teledyne Technologies will acquire the oscilloscope maker for a cash payment of approximately $291 million. Accord- ing to a press release, LeCroy will oper- ate as a Teledyne subsidiary, keeping the LeCroy name. The acquisition will make Teledyne's microwave technology avail- able to LeCroy engineers. The company had already announced an intent to produce the world's first 100-GHz real- time oscilloscope. "We believe Teledyne can help us accelerate our high-end oscilloscope programs to deliver real-time band- width well beyond 100GHz by utilizing Teledyne's leading InP technology," said LeCroy President, Chief Executive Of- ficer and Director Thomas Reslewic in the press release. "Furthermore, through a combination of Teledyne's microwave and mixed signal design capabilities with LeCroy's signal processing expertise, as well as our respective market channels, we envision growing our markets and adding new products such as signal gen- erators and multi-function instruments." The acquisition of LeCroy leaves Agi- lent Technologies as the only indepen- dently owned competitor among the top three oscilloscope manufacturers WiGig-enabled devices put to the test at plugfest Members of the Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig) tested the interoperability of devices using the multi-gigabit wireless WiGig technology under real-world con- ditions at WiGig Plugfest in June, moving the technology closer to commercializa- tion. This second plugfest establishes the basis for future interoperability of different products and signals the imminent transi- tion of 60-GHz WiGig networking into actual products realized on the market. The WiGig Plugfest follows the publication in 2011 of three Protocol Adaptation Layer specifications: the Wi- Gig Display Extension, the WiGig Serial Extension, and the WiGig Bus Extension. WiGig members are now testing their WiGig-based products to ensure interop- erability within the ecosystem and to pro- vide end users with a guarantee of reliable solutions at product launch next year. WiGig Alliance, QualiSystems' TestShell framework is IPv6-ready TestShell, a software framework from QualiSystems for lab manage- ment, device provisioning, and test automation, allows engineers to configure, deploy, and execute a test plan to address IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) performance issues. Used in the networking and storage environment to manage and drive large-scale testing labs, TestShell makes it possible to build complex test plans that are adjusted and executed from a central framework through its auto- mated testing environment. IPv6 testing involves multiple devices that need to be integrated into a setup and then managed and shared. In addition to simpli- fying test setup and resource sharing, Test- Shell can be extended to provide life-cycle management of the test lab. Switches, serv- ers, generators, and other devices in the testing environment can be scheduled and managed through a simple user interface. Eitan Lavie, QualiSystems' VP of product management and market- ing, said "We responded to our customers' needs by providing a testing framework that simplifies and upgrades the crucial validation process of new IPv6 products before releasing them to the market and brings higher confidence to the process." Prices for the TestShell enterprise software start at $30,000 for small startup testing labs. QualiSystem, asp?Sid=73&Pid=500. Test & Measurement World | JULY/AUGUST 2012 | –12– Editors' CHOICE

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