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your Ie on it. You can bet ~.~ ~\\\N)(:'f; .i-,.:.~: •. ~. ~ 'l.c:t~. ~. Vk&llt. .... u c;'/ The Spartan® 1.:~':ii. -JI family offers a winning combination of perform- ance and price. In fact with over 200,000 system gates, clock speeds beyond 200MHz, and lightning fast costs, there's also multiple Delay Locked Loops, on-chip RAM (block and distributed), and our unique Selecti/O N interface technology. compile times, spart~n- II FPGAs give you SPARTAN::.nn The Xilinx IP Center brings you all the the best dollar value In the Industry. Xilinx IP Center completes the total solution Get rid of the risk Now you've got the design flexibility you've been waiting for, without any annoying NRE costs, strung-out production times, or the design risks associated with a typical ASIC. To save system T FPGA cores, reference designs, design services and third party support you could Find out more today by visiting us at www.xilinx.comlspl .htm. You'll soon see why you can bet your ASIC on us. ~XILINX® The Programmable Logic Company'" Cl 2000 XiHnx, Inc., 2100 Logic Drive, san Jose, CA 95124. Europe +44·870-7350-600; Japan +8 \-3-532 1-77 11 ; Asia +852-2-424-5200; Xilinx logo and Spartan logo are registered trademarks, Selecll/O is a trademark and The Programmable Logic Company is a service mark of Xilinx, Inc .

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