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- Internet Appliance Products Embedded Internet Tools as component pack The Windows CE v. 3.0 Add-On Pack provides a number of operating sys- tem com ponen ts for use rs of Platform Builde r v. 3.0. These compone nts include: an XML parser, which imple- me nts an interface for validating, pars- in g, and modifying XML data; Interne t connection sharing, which enables a Windows CE-based device to share its Internet connection wi th one or more devices running on the same ne twork; point-to-point tunneling pro- tocol (PPTP), which enables remote L1ser to access COl-PO rate ne tworks securely across the Internet; Crypto API v. 2.0, which provides security through certificate-based functionality and upport for sma rt cards; and remo te desktop protocol, whi ch enables footprint-sensitive Windows CE-based devices to access applica- tions running on a Window 2000- based server. The Add-On pack will be shipped directly to all curre nt Platform Builder v. 3.0 users at no cost. Microsoft Redmond. WA (425) 882-8080 Internet appliance platform TotalIA i a Linux- and J ava-based Inte rn e t a ppliance reference pla t- form. It integrates the DeviceTop er- vice platform, Tao Group's Java Virtua l Machine, and National emi onductor's Media GX processor board, as supplied by AI-com System . TotalIA's core applications include the Escape Web browser, Ebox e-mail , and Assi tant personal information man- agement technologies. Additional fea- tures include service delivery, remote devi e upgrade and manageme nt capabilities, and multimedia support for Macromedia Flash and MP3. Espial Ottawa. Ontario (613) 230-4470 Java platform The Chai Appliance Platform, a suite of software products designed for use in memory-constrained devices, now supports Linux. One of the Chai appli- ance Platform's major components is the ChaiVM, an environment for lim- ning Java appfications on intelligent devices. Othe r components include the ChaiServer Web-based application serve r, connectivi ty to e-se rvices, device manageabiJj ty by means of the OpenView Network Node Managel-, a mobile database, the ChaiFarer XML microbrowser, a toolkit for creating graphical displ ays, and standa rds- based spontaneous networking. Hewlett-Packard Palo Alto. CA (858) 655-8068 Joint Internet platform Togethe r, th e iChip Inte rne t con- u'oller and the SmartSCM single-chip modem form an Inte rn et-enabled appliance reference design that lets designe rs add inte rnet fun ctionality to new devices. The SmartSCM combine a modem controlle r, da ta pump, ROM, RAM, and the SmartDAA sili- con data access arrangemen t tele- phone-network interface. The econd major component of the platform, the iChip Interne t conu-oller, mediates the connection between the device processor and the Internet. It works in tandem with the modular controlle r and runs the In te rne t protocols for sending and receiving e-mail messages and Web pages, and for opening and cl osing TCP and UDP socke ts. It includes 256KB or 5I2KB of on-board flash memory. The iChip uses the AT +i command set. The j oint reference platform is available now. Connect One Semiconductors Santa Clara. CA (408) 986-9602 Conexant Systems Newport Beach (949) 483-4600 Set-top box chip The STi5518 is a chip that integrates a transport demultiplex block, an ST20 32-bit system CPU, an audjo/ video MPEG-2 decoder, display and graphics features, a digital video encode r, and sys tem pe riphe rals. The transpo r t demultiplex box includes DirectTV and DVB descramblers, as well as the Macrovision copy protection system. The transport interface block includes a sector processor and a CSS decryp- tion block. The video decoder sup- por ts sub-picture decoding. These fea- tures coupled with the Dolby Digital and Maccrovision capabilities make the STi5518 suitable for DVD-capable set-top boxes. The Ti5518 is housed in a 208-pin PQFP package. It's avail- able now. ST Microelectronics Lexington. MA (781) 861-2650 Embedded Systems Programming DECEMBER 2000 91

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