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BROADBAND BUSINESS CONF,ERENCING Bob Hagerty, CEO, Polycom, Inc. To BRING ADVANCED CONFERENCING TECHNOLOGY TO THE WORLD, POLYCOM TURNED TO TI DSPs. "Only TI delivers the power- efficient DSP performance that meets our needs for today and tomorrow." (gS p Delivering unsurpassed audio cla rity and noise reduction, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TECHNOLOGY Polycom® SoundStation® audio- conferencing systems dominate the global business conferencing market. • At the core of Polycom's new generation of conference systems can be found Texas Instruments programmable DSPs. The TMS320C5000'· DSP platform offers the perfect blend of speed and efficiency to run Polycom's full-dup lex Acoustic Clarity Technology'~ • With bu ilt-in programmabi lity, TI DSPs help Polycom minimize development time and beat the competition to market. And as Polycom develops new broadband IP and wireless solutions, TI will be there with next- generation code-compatible TMS320C55x'· DSPs. • To harness the performance of the world's fastest and most energy-efficient DSPs, call upon the power of Tis new TMS320C55X" DSP core slashes power consumption, enabling a new era in feature-rich products Tis eXpressDSP· Real-Time Software Technology gives you a sifnplified, streamlined development infrastructure, eliminating barriers to your design. The world leader in analog and mixed-signal deVices, TI offers a portfolio of products optimized to work seamlessly with TI DSPs. www.ti .com

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