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departments 5 #INCLUDE Competing Standards BY MICHAEL BARR internet appliance design 55 Principles of User Interface Design The placel11ent of knobs, buttons, and switches is as essential to the l11aking of a good product as the firl11ware. This article illustrates the delicate relation- ship between the two. BY NIALL MURPHY 73 Tiny File System Sometimes when f lash l11emory is present, you want to refer to a chunk of code or data by name, as though it is a fil e. This capability need not come with all the complexity of most commercial flash file systel11s. BY ED SUTTER 91 Embedded Internet Tools 7 PARITY BIT 11 NEWS VECTORS 169 NEW PRODUCTS 174 RECRUITMENT 180 MARKETPLACE 184 ADVERTISER INDEX columns 15 PROGRAMMER'S TOOLBOX Oops! I Did it Again Jack returns from holiday refreshed and ready to solve the problem of minil11ization once and for al l. BY JACK W. CRENSHAW 93 MURPHY'S LAW Lock Up Your Software The key to preventing software catastrophe, says new columnist Niall Murphy, is out-thinking an imagi- nary malicious programmer. BY NIALL MURPHY 165 SPECTRA A Translation Point DSPs can replace a great deal of analog circuitry, while offering better stability and configurability. Basic trigonometry might give you some ideas. BY DON MORGAN 187 BREAK POINTS Open Source vs. Proprietary Cost is not everything, says Jack, weighing in on open source. The price of software is less important than the al110unt of value it has for you. BY JACK G. GANSSLE

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