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Accelent Technologies and Products for Fastest IA Product Development As the leading enabler of IA devices, Accelent Systems can drastically accelerate the IA product development cycle. The power of the Accelent solution is in the underlying technologies that have been developed [or devices running on Windows® CE or Linux®for ARM® (including Inlel®StrongARM® and next generation XScale™) processors. Accelent has packaged its technologies and system software into development and reference platforms, such as WebPad and PDA among others, that allow you to focus on your application. A such, you are able to develop a more complete, reliable IA product in a fraction of the time and cost. That's why we are known as the Fastest IA Solutions Providernl - FSPTM! Test drive our technology by visiting the FSP One Day Design Center'lill at or call us with your project requirements and we'll give you free operational test code in One Day. Qualified visitors will receive a free FSP Atomic Clock' (as a symbol of our precision solutions) and will be entered into a monthly drawing for an AudioRamp iRad Internet Stereo that wa developed using our solutions! Fastest IA Solutions Provider Phone: 330-864-2300 • Fax: 330-864-8674 • AlllradenJaI ks are the properly of lheir respeclil'e owners, Click! ' While supplies lasl, limiled quanLil.y pcr project

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