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The Keil 8051 Development Tool Suites provide everything you need for your Philips 51LPC projects: • I-lVision2 Integrated Development Environment, • C Compiler optimized for high-density ROM code, • Debugger with full on-chip peripheral simulation. The I-lVision2 IDE simplifies tool configuration and includes a robust editor and source browser. All your third-party development tools may be easily integrated into the I-lVision2 menu system for convenient, point-and-click access. The Keil C51 Compiler is the de-facto industry- standard for the 8051. New optimization levels in Version 6 help you fit complex programs into even the smallest single-chip devices. Analog Comparator The I-lVision2 Debugger is the only simulator that includes full peripheral simulation for all on-chip peripherals. The debugger's C script language allows you to create your own test commands and functions that provide input to the on-chip peripherals. Automated test sessions using the DDE interface allow system validation and verification . User-provided add-on DLLs make it possible to simulate your whole target hardware platform including complex, off-chip peripherals. PHILIPS LPC The 51LPC microcontroller family is designed for low pin count applications demanding high integration, low cost solutions over a wide range of performance requirements. Each member of the LPC family offers a 2x speed mode, minimized EMI and power consumption, a wide operating voltage range, and numerous on-chip peripherals. Only the development tools from Keil Software allow you to take full advantage of this high- performance, low-cost microcontroller series. Perij:!herals Simulated Interrupt System I/O Ports (all modes) Watchdog Timer Pulse Width Modulation Enhanced Serial UART 12C Interface Keypad Interrupt Analog Comparator A/D Converter 0/ A Converter CPU Slowdown Modes Software Reset I j r Analog Compa/at0l1 CMP1: IOx27 P' C01 (Output) rv OE1 (Out EnobIe) CIN1A: I1.000O rv CE1 (EnobIe) r CP1 (+Input) CIN1B: Analog Comp",atOf 2 CMP2: 10x2F rv C02 (Output) CI N2

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