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Motorola brings high-performance to smart networking. Delivering advanced levels of performance, Motorola's MPC7410 with AltiVec'"technology is designed for high-performance, high-bandwidth, highly scalable applications. The MPC7410 offers amazing PowerPC" performance and provides a compelling solution for host processor requirements in next-generation networking equipment, with a road map to future generations of PowerPC. Its high-bandwidth system bus is capable of 6.4 Gigabits/second data rates - up to 5 times the bus performance over previous generations. Motorola's G4 family of PowerPC microprocessors, with AltiVec'" technology and low power dissipation in an open environment, is ideal for network control and storage, as well as telecommunications. CPU Speeds - Internal CPU Bus Dividers Bus Interface Bus Protocol Instructions per Clock L,(ache l:z Cache (ore-to- l 2 Frequency 60x/MPX Bus MPC7410 Block Diagram Typical Maximum Power Dissipation Ole Size Package Process Voltage SPEClnt95 (estimated) SPECfP95 (estimated) Other Performance Execution Units For more information, visit @ 2000 Motorola, Inc. MOTOROLA, DlgitalDNA, AltlVec, the Heart of Smart, the DlgitalDNA logo, the stylized M logo and ail other trademarks Indicated herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola, Inc. ® Reg. U.S. Pat. &Tm. Off. PowerPC is a trademark of tBM Corp. used under license.

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