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Pocket GALEP-III ~ ~ • ProlranH 8-blt and 16-blt EPROMs, EEPROMs, Zero Power RAMs, Flash, serial EEPROMs • GAL, PALCE, A TF • 8hu, 89xxx, PICI 211611 7Cxx • All OIL de:vke:s without ~jlpcor • LI,hlnTnr f;tst p.lrallel transfer (e.l. 27C512 r'ead/compJr1!! 2 sec!) • Power supply Independent due to rechar,uble banery • Uses PC printer port • Hu, J WEC, and binary me formats + Hex and fusemap buffer editor + Spill I!l shuffle for a' blt, 16·bit and 32·blt t.1rpts + Runs under Winl.l, 95, 98, NT . 'Renlote control' by DOE scripts . Desllned for the future due to flexible pin driver ttchnololY • new devkes wilt be added every nlOnth . Device lin, demo 50ftwJIl! and lifeci",e 'ree updates from our website! GALEp·1I1 Sel with cable, battery, recharger .. . $333.00 ' Lee AciaptOf' fO( a·blt [PROMs 1 16·b!t EPROH,/GAu .... each S 149,00 s:z:S CONITEC ::~1(e~t;)A;:2.~~·2~~~:~~'!:'~:~;I~e:,~~~ $ ... J!J0.?JJ ~ ..0.iJ!J~!J GAdvin Production and Engineering Programmers Extensive support for Microchip Pies and others, Wide variety of package types supported. Thousands of happy customers worldwide are living proof of Ollr product quality. Please contact us and find out why Advin is your best choice. - Accept trade-ills of ollt-dated Data 1 10 models - J-888-GO-ADVIN 408-243-7000 "The best emulator I ever used!" "mJIM's,* Alkfwt{t A" H"Is",r

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