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Tiz • 8051 • 80186 • 80196 • DSP 320Cxxx • TriCore • PIC • Real-time trace • Serial. parallel. & LAN interface • C/C++ level Chameleon Debugger • Multi -core debugging 800-838-8012 805-523-9774 Fax: 805-523-9776 11992 Challenger Ct . • Moorpark, CA 93021 ."cs R E ... L' I M E Since its introduction almost 10 years ago, the Tics Rea ltime OS has helped developers worldwide c reate robust time c ritic al applications ranging from small embedded devices to large scale process control systems. Tics gives you a huge head start on your project by providing you with a system that has all the low level work done for you so that you can concentrate on your application. What our customers tell us most is that Tics is simple yet powerful. They find the easy to use API allows them to design and code thei r applications quic kly and get their produc t to market on time. The powerfu l yet flexible micro kernel design allows our c ustomers to create applications that they control and understand from th ei r perspect ive , Please call us fo r mo re informa t ion . (408) 727-3100 RTOS & Networking MICROPROCESSOR CORE SAVES COST AND DESIGN TIME Design your custom board around the Rabbit 20001" core module. Easy and rapid development, plus you save production and component costs! qtytOO • 40 I/O pins ' 4 serial ports ' 7 timers • Battery·backed timel date clock • 128K·S12K SRAM • 2S6K flash • (lock up to 2S.8MHz Dev.Kit: Only $"169 Inciudes RCM2020COfe modull', prololyplngboard. DynamkC· software(nota tria l velSion!), serial cable fe>r rn)-time debugging. and documentation on C()..ROM ~ 888.362.3387 Of buy onlin€' at 1900Sp.1ffordStretI.Dav!s,(A95616 · reI530.7S7J7)7 • FnSJO.751S14) GNU CROSS TOOLS Open Source, Ready-toRunTM X-TOOLSTM v1.0 8051 In-Circuit Emulators · Plug·in boards or RS-232 box. · Choice of user interface: DOS, Windows or Borland keypress compatible . Hosted on PC's or Workstations. Target Support ·· 21 toolchains on each host CD ARM i386 m68k PPC MIPS V85x SPARC SH NS32k i960 ... and many more Special Introductory Offer Comes Complete With: • CD·ROM and User Guide with Release Notes . O'Reilly Book: Programming wffh GNU Software by Mike Loukides & Andy Oram · Supports virtually all derivatives of the 8051 family. · Source·level Debugger with complete C·variable support. · Real·time emulation speed up to 42 MHz. · 64 bit wide, 256K deep trace with time stamp and 'source line traCing.' Fax·On·Oemand Literature Request Service 408-378-2912 CORPORATfON nOHau Callfor a Free Oemo Oisk . (408) 866·1820 51 E. Campbell Avenue Campbell , CA 9500B Fax (408) 378-7869 TargetFFS™ Flash Fi Ie System • Re-enrrant Embedded File System • POSIX and Sta ndard C API • Guaranteed Integrity Across Resets • Complete Wea r Leveling • "Thin " Driver Layer • 100% ANSI C Source Code • Roya lty Free mB L U N K Microsystems . V (408) 323-1758 ;;;;;,;;;;;;;;;·'TomICE Trace The Leader in. Mem.ory Em.ulation with r.:I= ........ f1r) I ~M cost·effective way to read, program and verify 2716 - 8 meg EPROMS. Support for Micros, Flash, EPROM, 16-bil, PLos, Low Voltage and Mach (call for suppcrt list for specific models, or download demos from our BBS or web sit e). Easy to use menu driven software features on·line help, and a full·screen editor. Support for macros, read and save to disk, and split and set options. • Free technical support· Free software upgrades • 1 to 2 year warranty on all parts and labor • 30·day money·back guarantee. Made in the U.S.A. • All models include software, on·line help, cables . and transformers applicable) 'lam""· "·l1li'·· .. NEEDHAM ELECTRONICS. INC. 4630 Beloit Drive, #20, Sacramento, CA 95838 FAX (916) 924-8065 ' BSS (916) 924-8094 (Mon. - Fri. 8 am - 5 pm, PST) 8", ,·:!I1111+"'f·. (~ ~ Trace to pinpoint startup problems and isolate real -time bugs. • Code Coverage to verify execution and speed LIp QA. • Ultra-fast downloads via Ethernet, parallel and serial ports for Unix, Windows 9SINT and DOS. []] Grammar Engine Inc. []§I Call Toll Free: 1-800-776-6423 www, eLcom 180 DECEMBER 2000 Embedded Systems Programming QuickTool Fin der ~ JlTtl \ ... i 't~¥I·Iit·I"· .. Select Chip -. . . MPC5xx MPC8xx PPC4xx 68K Families 680xO 683xx "!.'''1 ~8o~Cg~/~~16 Bit 68HCl i 68HC12 68HC16 ColdFire 6801/03 8051 All Derivatives 80C320/520 8xC751 /2 C500 DS5000 8080/85 8051XA 80166 80196xx 8086/88 x86 InlellAMD 80386EX 80186/188xx ConexantlWDC 6502/65816 C18/19/29 Z 180/64 180lZ80 Z8/Z8000lZx80 Microchip PIC V20/30/50 320C20 TLCS-90

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