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New Products Atmel San Jose, CA (408) 441-0311 AP c S The KX8 and KX2 are mem bers of the 68HC08 family of 8-bit microcon- trollers. They are in-circuit and in- applicatio n programmable. They fea- ture an internal clock generator that can be programmed in the application to a specific target frequency. These two chips offer analog capabili ty in the form of a four-channel, 8-bit analog-to- digital converter. Additional features include 192 bytes of RAM; and a two- channel, 16-bit timer interface mod- ule (TIM) . The flash memory on the KX8 and KX2 is capable of write/ erase cycling to 10,000 cycles and p.-ogram- ming at up to 2ms for a 64-byte block. The ~'{8 costs $2.70. The KX2 costs $1.95. The KX8 and KX2 chips are available now. Motorola Austin. TX (512) 895-9705 OEMs e-b The Bitsy is a single-board computer with a 3-by-4 in. footprint. Ta rgeted fo r the PDA/ Handheld marke ts, the Bitsy is built around th e 32-bit Stro ngARM SA-lIlO RlSC processor and SA-Ill 1 companio n chip. The processor runs a t less than 450mW a t 206MHz. The sy tem mns unregulat- ed from 6 L pUL, and touch creen suppor t. The Bitsy includes 12 digital 1/0 s, fo ur a na log inputs, and nine additional digital J/ Os that can be configured as a 4-by-5 keypad . Bitsy's graphics feaLures include backlight control, Vee genera tion, and inte rfaces to fl at panels up to 1024 x 1024 pixels and 16-bit color. IL will be ava ilable in the firsL quarter of 2001. Bitsy costs $300 pe r uni t. Applied Data Systems Richardson, TX (972) 238-8111 PS!f!Jffo O 12VDC, includes a bat- te ry charger, and supports a backup batte ry. The Bi tsy a l 0 supports up to 16MB of SDRAM and 32Mbi ts of fl ash memory and includes a Type II PCMCIA slot. ILS 1/0 and communi- catio n o ptions include three serial po rts (configurable as RS-232, TTL, and IrDA) , USB mas te r and slave, audio input and amplifi ed ste reo o ut- Download Free software today, and configure your embedded design wid. your mouse! EasyFIASH" PSDs solve the problems faced by deSigners needing to integrate programmable logic along with high density Flash and SRAM into embedded designs. Unlike all other options, PSDs form an integrated system level solution that saves time, power, and costs. PSDsoft Express and the new PSDsoft 2000 software development/ programming tools provide an easy to use, point and click user interface in which an engineer can accomplish in a couple of hours what may have, in the past, taken several days. Visit our website today to learn more about EasyFLASH PSDs and to download your free copy of PSDsoft Express! 4,,!~ STMicroclcClronics - PSM Division' Td. 800-832-6974 • Fax 5 10-657-;9 16 • Embedded Systems Programming DECEMBER 2000 173 "De(Je/oplllelll Kits SI ({,.lillg {I I 99 {IVa i/able now"

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