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New Products controll er designed for cost-sensi- tive , low-speed (1.5Mbps) human interface COD"! pu te r peri pheral applications. When the USB periph- e ral is not being used, the chip goes into a "USB suspe nd mode," in which maximum powel- consump- tion is 300pA. Its typical operating current is 6~tA, which equates to 30mW of power dis ipation at 5Y. It includes an exte rn al interrupt fea- ture that enables design ers to set the "key o n wakeup" inte rrupt and counte r terminals to eve n count mode; a minimum instructio n exe- cution time of 0.34ps; an analog-to- digital converte r; up to 33 program- mable I/ O ports; serial I/O timers; and a watchdog timer. It's available now. Mitsubishi Sunnyvale, CA (408) 730-5900 PC-c The Atlas, the Consumer-II , and the Elite are members of the STPC family of PC-co mpatible system-on-chip devices. Based on the x86 archi tec- ture, the central component of these three devices is a 64-bit, 133MHz processor block, which contains a 64- bit SDRAM controlle r, a bus master- ing EIDE controller, and a PCI local bus controller. The Consumer-II and the Atlas feature a VGA-/ SVGA-com- patibl e graphics accelerator, video input, and video port. The Consumer- II also features a PAL/ NTSC encoder and a fli cker filter. The Atlas includes a digital TIT LCD panel interface, making it suitable fo r use in Web- enabled a ppliances, such as Web- pads, Web-phones, POSes, aod thin- client terminals. All three devices come in plastic SGA packages. The Atla costs $38, the Consumer-II costs $33, and til e Elite costs $26. The Consumer-II and the Elite are avail- able now. The Atlas wi ll be available in the first quarter of 2001. ST Microelectronics Lexington, MA (781) 861-2650 DC/f1'lsh mic oconholler The PIC167X family is a seri es of fl ash microcontrollers with integrated ana- log-to-digital circuitry. The PIC16F73 and the PIC16F74 offer 4Kwords of flash program memory and 192 bytes of data RAM. The PIC16F76 and the PIC16F77 offer 8Kwords of flash pro- gram memory and 368 bytes of data RAM. All chips in the series feature an integrated multi-channel A/ D con- verter. Another on-chip pe ripheral is the timer subsystem, which provides a real-time clock or two 8-bit and one 16-bit counter/ timer modules. The devices typically draw 20pA from a 3V supply while operating at 32kHz. A sleep mode instruction combined with the abili ty to switch off tile A/ D cir- cuitry when it is not being used typi- cally decreases current draw to less than lpA. The communications fea- tures of tile family include 22 or 33 pins for I/O functions; a synchronous serial port supporting SPU or PC pro- tocols; 50Mbps universal syn chro- nous/ asynch ronous receiver-transm i t- ter with baud rate generato r for serial communications; two pulse width modulator outputs with lO-bit resolu- tion; and two 16-bit capture/ compare modules. The PIC16F73 costs $3.43, the PIC16F74 costs $4.15, the PIC16F76 costs $4.86, and the PIC16F77 costs $5.22. They're sam- pling now and will be available in pro- duction quantities in the first quarter of 2001. Microchip Technology Chandler, AZ (480) 786-7200 c The ARM966E-S is a system-on-a-chip device that runs at 200MHz using an 172 DECEMBER 2000 Embedded Systems Programming ARM processor. It's designed for use in communication systems that need deterministic control and digital sig- nal processing capabi lities. These might include mass storage, next-gen- eration digital cellular phones, or net- working applications. The ARM966E-S uses the Thumb instruction set. It is available now on G12 0.18-micron drawn technology. LSI Logic Milpitas, CA (800) 433-8778 www./ RISC DSP The EI-32XS RISC DSP uses a single- processor and single data stream model. It's a 32-bit microcontr-oller that features static design and runs at 180MHz. The El-32XS is designed for use in portable multimedia and con- Sluner electronics products, such as wireless PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 players, and handheld GPS devices. It features an on-chip DRAM controller that interfaces to external memory; an on-chip hardware timer coupled to a clock by means of a programmable pre-divider; and an opel-ating temper- ature range of 0 to 70 degrees Celcius for commercial use and -40 to 85 degrees Celcius for industrial use. The El-32XS is available now. Hyperstone Electronics Commerce, CA (323) 726-8833 Radiati n- olerant chip The TSC695E is a single-chip version of the ERC32 32-bit radiation-tolel-ant processor. The standard version of tile TSC695E delivers up to 20 MIPS. It has single event upset immunity and total dose tolerance in excess of 300 Krad. Running with supply voltage between 3V and 5.5V, the TSC695E is available in 256-pin quad fl at pack or die form .

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