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New Products enables the programmer to examine the p e rformance of an algorithm. Statistical profilin g le ts the pro- grammer non-intrusive ly poll th e processor as it is runn ing th e pro- gram. The VisuaIDSP++ environ- me nt costs $2,995. It's available now. Analog Devices Norwood, MA (800) 262-5643 www.ana/og.comldsp Hardware Device Programmer The BP-1400 unive rsal device pro- gramme r suppo rts 15,5 10 device technologies. This includes sorc, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP, TQFP, PQFP, SSOP, PCA, SIMM, PCMCIA, LCA, CSP, VSOP, PLCC, rBCA, FBCA, BCA, and DIP. I t comes with 240-pin Chips DSP core The SuperlO DSP microconu·oller fea- tures an architecture th at executes most instructions in one cycle. It's code compatible with standard mem- bers of th e STIO series of cores, allow- ing already-designed soflware to be USB chip The M37534 is a one-tim e-program- mable, USB-compliant, 8-bit micro- STMicroelectronics Lexington, MA (781) 861-2650 drive rs standard and uses hi gh- speed bipolar analog pin drivers with microstrip transmiss ion lines to d eliver 800ps rise times at the pro- gramming socket without, the com- pany claims, overshoot or ground bounce . It 's available now for $8,995. BP Microsystems Houston, TX (713) 668-2620 used in newer applications. Th e SuperlO's target applications include control applications in hard disk dri- ves, as well as automotive and con- sumer applications that require DSP algorithms. It features an interrupt jump cache, which allows the inter- rupt controller to transfer a 24-bit start address directly to the CPU for the ser- vice routine, withoUl time overhead. The SuperlO core can be operated at any speedup to 150MHz and features power consumption of 0.2mW/ MHz to 0.5m W / MHz. e*ORB'· gives you the fast throughput, small footprint, and modular design you need in an Object Request Broker to build your application or equipment. If your time to market is tight, e*ORB'· gets you there faster by shortening your development cycle. Plus e*ORB'· has such a small footprint, it can be embedded in a device as small as a PDA. • (ORBA standard compliant • Fully supported by Vertel, including online support, updates and training • Both (++ and Java editions available vertel L:7 Download e *ORB'· FREE at our website, and evaluate its incredible features and functionality for yourself for 30 days. 21300 Victory Blvd. #700 • Woodland Hills, CA 91367 Tel: 818.221.5151 •

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