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BRUCE POWEL DOUGLASS On the ROPES Object-oriented design is usually part of an overall development process. Here's a new development process called ROPES (Rapid Object-Oriented Process for Embedded Systems) that may work for you. 've taught UML fo r real-time and embedded systems for a num- ber of years, in many venues, and in quite a number of places around the planet. I've always found it interesting that most of the questions I get during these courses are questions such as: • How do I use UML effectively? • What artifacts should I create? • When should J use statecharts? • How do I move from a structured approach to an object-oriented one? In other words, questions about the process in which I use the UML rather than questions on the UML itself. Why process? The basic reason why we, as software developers in general and embedded developers in particular, should be concerned about and use a good process is that the plll-poses of process are to: • Provide a project template to guide worke rs through the development and delivery of a product • Improve product quali ty in terms of: • umber of defects • Seve ri ty of defects • Reusabili ty • Stabili ty and maintainabi li ty 140 DECEMBER 2000 Embedded Systems Programming

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