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the Int'l Symp. and Exposition on Robots (lSIR) , Sydney, Australia, pp. 473-488, Nov. 1988. 13. Steenstrup, M., M.A. Arbib, and E.G. Manes, "Port Automata and the Algebra of Concurrent Processes," Journal of Computer and System Sciences, v.27, n.1, Aug. 1983, pp. 29- 50. 14. Stevens, WP., G.J. Myers, and L.L. Constantine, "Structured Design," IBM Systems Journal, v.13, n.2, pp. 115-139, 1974. 15. Stewart, D.B. and G.A. Arora, "DynamICally Reconfigurable Embedded Software, Does It Make Sense?" Proc. Second IEEE InternatIOnal Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems (lCECCS '96), Montreal, Canada, pp. 217-220, October 1996. 16. Stewart, D.B and P.K. Khosla, "Mechanisms for Detecting and Handling Timing Errors," Comm. the Action Packed 486's Look what you can have on a PC/ I04-sized SBC • 4860X and CRT/LCD VGA • 64M RAM and 12M Flash • COM', COM2'~e~_ KBO, mouse, ...... ~~ touchscreen • On-board suite offirmware including DOS emulator • Boot Dos, Win98, Win, CE, LlNUX, RTOS Call or visit our website for the SBCI486 data sheet or a FREE 2B4-page Handbook ~ MICRO/SVS Montrose, CA (818) 244-4600 • Fax: (818) 244-4246 138 DECEMBER 2000 Embedded Systems Programming • Smart appliances • Modems • Credit card readers • Radar controls • Illdustrial automalion • Mobile phones • Thill ctients Put Li n ux Anywhere™ SMALL ... LARGE ... High-Availability Servers ACM, vAO, n.1, Jan. 1997, pp. 87-94. 17. Stewart, D.B., D.E. Schmitz, and P.K. Khosla, "The Chimera II Real-Time Operating System for Advanced Sen sor-based Control Applications," IEEI:. Trans. Systems, Man, and CybernetICs, v.22, n.6, Nov./Dec. 1992, pp 1282- 1295. 18. Stewart, D.B. and P.K. Khosla, "Chimera 3.1: The Real- Time Operating System for Reconfigurable Sensor-Based Control Systems, Program Documentation, Advanced Manlpulatol s Laboratory," The Robotics Inst. and Dept. Electrical and Computer Eng., Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh, www.ece.umd.edulsertsl biblmanualslcl7imera.l7tml 19. Stewart, DB., R.A. Volpe, and P.K. Khosla, "Design of dynamically recon- figurable real-time software uSlllg port- based objects," IEEE Trans on Software Engineering, v.23, n. 12, Dec. 1997. 20. Stewart, D.B., "Real-Time Software Design and Analysis of Reconfigurable Multi-Sensor Based Systems," doctoral dissertation, Carnegie Mellon Univ., Dept. Electrical and Computer Eng., Pittsburgh, 1994, www.embedded- zone. comlbiblthesisldstewart. html. 21. Wegner, P. "Dimensions of Object- Oriented Programming," Computer, v.25, n.10, Oct. 1992, pp. 12-20. 22. Wegner, P. "Concepts and Paradigms of Object-oriented Programming," OOPS Messenger, v.1, n.1, Aug. 1990, pp.7-84. Endnotes 1 Although the term process is used throughout this paper, implementation in our RTOS is done using lightweight processes, which are also called threads in many operating systems, or jobs if using a non-preemptive real- time executive. Whether your target design includes an embedded processor with a small footprint or is tile next mal'kell·wilnnlllG · Compact PCI High Availabil ity solution, lineo delivers a Linux' ·based solut ion to lIIeet your needs. Our uClinux '"·lJased l1licrocontro llers deliver sub· l M B l11emory footpri nts and lineo's HA Enablel' de livers 99.999% reliability on High Availability Compact PCI servers. So pal' tller with Lineo and Put Linux Anywhere. To learn more about our tools, support and services, visit us at or call 1.888.463.7367 LIN EO"

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