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Frllm Start til Finish ... We've Gilt YIlU Cllvered. Start with prototyping . Add a complete RTOS. Finish with RTOS aware debugging. That's how we do it. For years, we have been known for our leadership in the source code, no royalties RTOS market. But do you know about the rest of our product offering that can get you to market faster than the competition? Prototyping to us means developing your embedded system in the native Windows environment first. No downloading, no hardware bugs, just lightning speed development. Next, we know that our embedded kernels, networking, graphics, and Web software needs to last the life of your product. So we not only make it bullet proof, small , and fast, we document it so you know what's going on . To round things out, we provide world class cross development tools including an IDE, compilers, and debugging software that are second to none. All of these products, combined with the best technical support in the business, and we've got you covered, from start to finish . These Nucleus embedded products support a wide range of processors: • ARM • M-CORE • PowerPC • ColdFire • SPARC • StrongARM • SH • MIPS • Infineon • Tensilica • NEC • x86 • ARC • Panasonic • National Semiconductor Call us or visit our website today and see what all the excitement is about. Phone: 1.800.468.6853 Address: 720 Oak Circle Dr. E Mobile, AL 36609 Email: Internet: All You NEED in an RTDS. Royalty Free.

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