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It Pays To Choose Your RTOS Outfitter Carefully Achieving your goals requires good outfitting. During the 25 years that we have been an embedded software outfitter, we have found that each customer has unique requirements. One size does not fit all in the embedded world. SMX® is a modular RTOS. Starting with the hard- real-time smx kernel, you can add a file manager, Tep/IP stack, Web browser, Web server, GUI, USB stack, and many other small-footprint modules, as needed. You pay only for what you need. Device drivers are available for all modules and SMX works with many popular tool chains. Best of all, we support you when problems occur. Whether the problem is with our prod uct or another company's product, you will get friendly help from our expert staff. As with any good outfitter, your success is our paramount goal. For more information, please visit our informative website at then call (800) 366-2491 or (714) 43 7-7333 to discuss your project with an embedded system expert. No Royalties Source Code 714-437-7333 t.;J;/ embedded software outfitters "'11 Micro Digital Inc Free Trial RTOS 800-366-2491

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