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TriCore™ 251 MSP430 68HCo8 68HC05 68HC12 68HC11 Don't waste your time ••• Commercial pressure to reduce "time to market" is one thing. Increasing threat of product liability is another. Both mean that embedded software has to be rig ht first time. Which means function to specification and contains no bugs at first release. Software-based products that have not been developed and tested under strin- gent standard rund a real risk of serious financial loss. PowerPCTM MCore™ CPU32+ DECT With design, realization and testing can you afford not to choose the right tools? Hitex DevelopmentTools has proven solutions for debugging tools, in-circuit emulators and analyzers for most popular micro-controllers. ... with the wrong tools! Hitex USA 710 Lakeway Drive, Suite 280 Sunnyvale, CA 94086 Phone: E-Mail: Hitex Germany Phone: E-Mail: Hitex UK Phone: E-Mail: Hitex Asia Phone: E-Mail: +1-800-45-HITEX +49-721-9628-0 +44-24-76692066 +65- 566-7919

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