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Don't just predict your real-time system's performance. Prove it. W,th the new PC-in-the-LoopTM products, you can accurately test the -" New PC-in -the-Loop producrs enable real-time rapid prototyping of embedded desig/lS on performance of real-time embedded system designs on a low-cost PC long before your final target hardware is available_ Simulink code generation products convert block diagrams to real-time C code for rapid prototyping_ You can stm,dard x86 PC hardware ill allY form factor. then go directly to your embedded target with our production-quality code. Learn how PC -in-the-Loop produds enable rapid prototyping right on your own desktop_ To get your Embedded Systems Technical Kit, for pricing information, or to buy online now, visit Simulink~ 4 StateAow® 4 Rea l-Time Workshop® 4 xP Target 1.1 Real-Time Windows Target 2 41/) Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder SIMULINK® Desigll and develop complex embedded systen,s faster and IIIore efficielltly with Sill/Illink prodllcts. The ~ MATH Visit www.mothwork5.(om/espp or (01/ 508-647-7040 We have a worldwide network of offices and international rcprCSCl1I3tives. Visit our Web site at for morc information.

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