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In the beginning was the code, and the code looked good ... unti I a bug was discovered. And so the bug begat more bugs. And many days and nights were spent debugging. Then one day a tool was installed that found the bugs ... This is how debugging was meant to be. Use ParaSoft tools to see how debugging was meant to be. CodeWizard@ prevents C/C++ errors and slashes your debugging time "Code Wizard is an excellent tool. It has helped me spot errors in my software, and it's made me a better programmer. " Robert Morgan, Captivation Digital Laboratories, Inc. CodeWizard® is a tool that helps you prevent errors by automatically performing static analysis on C/C++ code. The first thing you 'll notice about CodeWizard is that it cuts down on the thing you hate the most about software development: debugging. With CodeWizard, preventing errors is painless, code reviews are automatic, and you are free to spend more time writing new code. That's why more and more development teams are turning to CodeWizard. CodeWizard automatically enforces a sophisticated set of C/C++ coding standards, including 80 rules designed for embedded development. These language-specific rules are based on accepted industry standards to help you avoid dangerous coding constructs. CodeWizard parses your code, clearly displays violations of the coding standards, and gives you all the information you need to make repairs. It even includes suggestions for better coding constructs. Follow CodeWizard 's coding suggestions, and you 'll immediately begin to write cleaner, more reliable code. CodeWizard 's coding standards include a set of metric rules that give you information about the size and complexity of your code. You can use these rules to set upper and lower boundaries for the complexity of your classes. Complex classes are harder to debug and more likely to contain errors. The key to CodeWizard is that you can customize the standards to fit your development needs. With a few clicks, you can tell CodeWizard to enforce only the standards that are most important to you at a particular stage of the project. Using the RuleWizard™ feature , you can point and click to build your own sophisticated ru les for use on company standards, project-specific standards, personal standards, and even target-specific standards. RuleWizard 's easy-to-use GUI guides you through the coding standard building process and lets you know when your rule is ready to be enforced by CodeWizard. You won 't have any problems adding CodeWizard to your arsenal of development tools. When CodeWizard is installed , it supports common embedded development environments, and works with embedded compilers such as the gcc/g++ compiler. If you would like to prevent errors with a customizable tool that conforms to yo ur development needs, download CodeWizard today at or call (888) 305-0041 for more information. For a special incentive, download a free demo this month. C 2000 ParaSoft Corporation. Monrovia. CA, USA. RuleWizard Is a trademark of ParaSoft Corporation. ParaSol! and CodeWizard are registered trademarks of ParaSolt Corporation

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