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Cut Development Time Using In-Circuit Emulators and 80M's Sub Nain o Some ft.ndemental values Cf~PrOCeUOf "'RJI)-199(C" ° TurnO/f~ 'fie_Log T oSaeen "No" 'Fie_log T oRe "No" o bace con/ig stUf Trac8_TracepOft "'3J8" T race_ T raceBoard 'Yes- Macros • Macro debug capability • Project support • Command line • Shadow RAM support • Single step in your macro • GUI capable macros Key Features • Real-time emulation at maximum chip speeds • High level support for popular C compilers • Advanced tracing capabilities • Configurable user interface with remote hookup capability • High speed connection to PC through parallel port (LPTxl or plug-in ISA card Nohau Supports These Microcontroller Families 8051 80C196 683xx 68HC11 P51XA ST10 MCS296 MCS251 68HC16 C166 68HC12 M16C nOHaU 51 East Campbell Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008 Phone: 1-888-88NOHAU (1-888-886-6428) Fax: 408-378-7869 E-mail: sales@nohauocom

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