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!!. diagramming standard, before the design work began • Know how much detail to put in the design. Even more important than this is to design at a consistent level of detail FIGURE 5 • 90 80 70 .!!! "' "' "0 c ] "' "' 0 "' :I Go I i 50 I ·· 40 1-· 30 20 10 0 Class 1 3 -···----'--------.:... --· I Issues • Minor Defects • Major Defects L • Develop objects not only in order of importance, but also in order of frequency of use. The Zeppelin team had identified an object that would handle the Gruntmaster's non-volati le (NV) memory. All other objects in the system used this object. By developing this object first, the team would have saved time by not having to "stub out" calls to the NV object ] Class Class Class 2 4 Optimizing C Compiler Integrated Development Environment Built-in Macro Assembler BCiink Linker Runs under: Windows 95/9~NT. Also available for DOS, HP-UX ) Byte Craft Limited 421 King Street North Waterloo, Ontario Canada N2J 4E4 .I _.·_ Class 5 Class 9 • Review, review, review. Reviewing both the UML design and resulting code was one of the smartest things the Zeppelin team did. Through informal walkthroughs, the team was able to find and eliminate scores of defects before testing started. Figure 5 shows actual data from the project Class 10 • ------------------------------- Not a silver bullet Object-oriented technology is by no means a silver bullet. Just because soft- ware is object-oriented, doesn't mean that it is of high quali ty. Rather than preaching that "object-oriented design is the only way to develop soft- ware," I hope this article demonstrates that it is possible to design and imple- ment embedded oftware using object- oriented techniques. Marshall Meier has a BS in computer sci- ence and is worhing on a MS in software enginnering. He is currently a partner with Third Wave Partnership (www.twp-, a consulting firm in Minneapolis. He can be reached at mmeier@twp-llc. com. Works cited 1. Schach, Stephen R. Classical and Object-Oriented Software Engineering, 4th edition. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1999. 2. Samek, Miro, "Portable Inheritance and Polymorphism in C," Embedded Systems Programming, December 1997, p. 54. LIMITED 3. "Introduction to Software Engineering, " NASA Software Engineering Laboratory. December 5, 1999. Available at /arcse/sld039.htm. 98 NOVEMBER 2000 Embedded Systems Programming esp

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