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For starters, ours comes with a shot at $300,000 in prizes. Announcing the COP8FLASH design contest. It's your opportunity to turn COPS's technical adva ntages - tru e in -system programming, us r-a llocable, variable size virtual EEPHOM, 100% accurate onboard analog emulation - into cold, hard cash. To enter, simply submit a des ig n id ea incorporatin g COPSFLASH to by December 31, 2000. With nothing more than an ab tract, you could win one of 1,000 COPSFLASH development tools (each worth 250). Next, develop and s nd in your de ign. If it's good enough, you'll take home ne of the top three pri zes: $20,000, $10,000 or $5,000 cash. For easy registration and complete cont st rul es, visit us today at copS flash The all new COPSFLASH family is here. ~National p Semiconductor

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