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- Internet Appliance Products Embedded Internet Tools Remote management of ware Remo te Device Admini trator i a software technology for the remote managemen t of web pads, Windows- based terminals, set-top boxes, web pho nes, and oth er in te llige nt devices over an Interne t. A portion of RDA i built into the device cli en t, to provide "pull " capabili ty fo r upda tes, and anothe r po r tio n is built in to the server side to provide "push" capabili ty for manageme nt. RDA is composed of th ree elements. Th e Clie nt Management Toolki t provides th e sou rce-code necessary to in tegra te the remote upgrade and manageme nt clie nt components in to a d evice. T he RDA Se rver is the main system management applica- tion . Update Designer provides a graphical tool on the server side fo r creating d evice update packages using a d rag-and-d rop in te rface. RDA is available now. BSQUARE Bellevue, WA (B88) 820-4500 www. bsquare. com <;ihcon at ily The Geode family is a series of silicon devices based on the the Geode GX1 32-bit, x86 compatible processor. The Geode SC1200 enables set-top boxes to feature interactive television pro- gramming, Web-based electronic pro- gram guides, instant messaging and chat, Web-browsing, and e-mail ser- vice . I t includes a TV processor with fou r 10-bit video DACs, CCIR656 video input port, IDE bus, three USB por ts , and a periphery of UARTs and general purpose 1/ 0 s. I t also features MMX support, accelerated 2D graph- ics, a 64-bit synchro nous DRAM (SDRAM) interface, and an in ternal PCI bus controlle r. The Geod e SC2200 is a single chip optimized for thin client computing. It integrates a GX1 processor module, a CRT and TIT video processor, core logic, and a Super I/ 0 block. It's packaged in 432-pin EBGA. The Geode SC3200 is ta rgeted for the mobi le pe rsonal access device marke t. It's designed to be used in "instant-on" devices, which automa tically connect to th e Web when powered up. It includes a TIT video processor with a ha rdware video accelerator, three USB ports, Core Logic, and Supe r I/ 0 function- ali ty. It also includes MMX support, accelerated 2D graphics, a memory controller with 64-bit SDRAM inter- face and PCI bus and display con- trollers. The SC1200 is curre ntly in production, the SC2200 is available now, and the SC3200 is sampling. All three products cost around $50 each in high volume applications. National Semiconductor Santa Clara, CA (408) 721-5000 Dr:ttabas co proccs ot The LNI8010 is a network database co- processor designed to facili tate in terop- erability between network processors and Lara search engines. The LNI8010 may support up to 32 multiple search options in-flight. It can be designed into centralized or decentralized routing architectures and is capable of support- ing multiple network databases. When used in a centralized routing architec- ture, multiple network processors can be connected to one LNI8010 capable of supporting up to 32 queries simulta- neously. In a decentralized routing architecture, a single network processor is serviced by one LNI8010. The LNI8010 is sampling now with produc- tion scheduled fo t· January 2001. Pricing is $70 in quantities of 10,000. Lara Networks San Jose, CA (408) 519-6300 www. faranetworks. com Processor and development suite The Xpresso processor is a Java semi- conductor designed to bring mobile Interne t services and multimedia applications to wireless devices. It includes an embedded SLICE soft- ware layer, which binds J ava applica- tions to hardware, merging a connect- ed limi ted device configurations (CLDC) vi rtual machin e wi th fi le operations, interrupt manageme nt, and support for extensions such as wireless multimedi a. The processor is supported by th e J acknife Development Suite, a set of hardware and software tools that enable pro- grammers to develop, integrate, and test wi reless J ava device applications, and services. It combines support for wireless technologies such as Bluetooth personal area networking, GSM, CDMA, and 802.11. The J acknife development suite includes the WHITEboard Wireless J ava Software Development Kit, th e XPRESSOboard Hardware Develop- ment Kit, as well as training, support, and development ervices. Zucotto Systems La Jolla, CA (825) 551-4222 www. zucotto. com Embedded Systems Programming NOVEMBER 2ooo 83

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