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Leap the hurdles of complex driver development with NuMega DriverStudio! CLEAR THE HURDLES that stand between you and reliable device drivers! Deliver reliable, high- performance device drivers- including NDIS and TDI drivers-in the fraction of the time. Introducing NuMega® DriverStudio™ 2.0! DriverStudio improves and accelerates critical phases of the device driver development lifecycle for Windows® platforms including Accelerate Network Driver Development DriverNelworks promdes a me/bod to d~fine essential cbaracteristics ofyour NDIS uetwork driver and generates a dri11er skeletou to accelerate your development process. Windows 2000, Windows Millennium Edition and NT Embedded. DriverStudio key technolo- gies provide the capabi lities you need for building complex drivers on tight deadlines. Al l new DriverNetworks'M provides a framework to automatically generate code that simplifies and speeds NDIS and TDI driver creation. Also new, TrueTime'M Driver Edition identifies per- formance bottlenecks. And BoundsChecker® Driver Edition offers powerful driver analysis and error detection capabilities. Clear the hurdles fast! Deliver re liable device drivers faster with NuMega DriverStudio-everything you need for serious device driver development. See the Performance TrueTime Driver Edilion collects and plots jJBijOrlllC/1/Ce data, including 11/P C OIIIpletion times. DPC latencies, and interrupt timing, enabling you lo flisualize your drilled· pe1j'ormance tbrougbout its erecution Test Before You Deploy Using customizable colors, 'li·ueCowrage '" Drimr Edition identifies driver/ unctions and indi!Jidual lines of code !bat ueed to be tested before !be 'dril;er sbips. Accelerate Device Driver Development with NuMega DriverStudio! Call today to request the "Windows 2000 NDIS Driver Development and Debugging" technical paper or download the paper now by visiting the DriverStudio resource center at 1 -800-4-NUMEGA www. corn p uwa re. co rn/n u mega 30-Day Money Back Guarantee COMPUWARE. People and software for business applications'" Copyright © 2000 Cornpuware Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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