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Distributed Software Design: Challenges and Solutions In contrast to centralized systems, distributed systems add a new layer of comlexity to the already difficult problem of software design. In spite of that and for a variety of reasons, more and more modern-day software systems are distributed. BY BRAN SELIC News Analysis 147 Embedded ICs: Expanding the Possibilities As designs start to proliferate in the more complex 16-, 32-, and 64-bit realms, the days of selecting a mild-mannered, off-the-shelf processor may be numbered. That's because semiconductor ven- dors are unleashing a new crop of heavy-duty cores, beefed up instruction sets that add DSP support, and system-on-chip options. This article will explore what 's driving these trends and look at a few of the latest offerings. BY ALEXANDER WOLFE internet appliance design 45 NP Complete The first generation of network processors is finally here. But what are they good for and how do they work? BY MARK KOHLER 63 Network Protocols for the Home With always-on high-bandwidth Internet connect ions come the possibility for multiple devices within the home to share this resource. And, of course, they'll also be doing a lot of internal communication over home-area networks. BY JOHN CANOSA 83 Embedded I nternet Tools departments 5 #INCLUDE Two-Party System BY MICHAEL BARR 7 PARITY BIT 13 NEWS VECTORS 155 NEW PRODUCTS 164 RECRUITMENT 171 MARKETPLACE 176 ADVERTISERINDEX columns 19 The Control Loop Tuning a PID controller is pretty straightforward, SPECTRA once you now how to start and what steps to follow. BY DON MORGAN 179 Crash and Burn Analyzing past failures is one of the best ways to BREAK POINTS prevent them from happening again. Here, Jack disti lls some lessons from high-profile disasters. BY JACK G. GANSSLE

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