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-Conventional RTOS? .. . sor OSEā„¢, THE NEW GENERATION REAL-TIME OPERATING SYSTEM, WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN! OSE THE NEW GENERATION RTOS! SAFER OSE is the world's only RTOS that is safety certified to the demanding specifications of IEC 61508. OSE is also being certified according to the stringent DO 1 78-B. FASTER Streamlined for extreme reliability and speed, OSE's kernel and TCP/ IP stacks blow away the competition. From the RTOS to the tools, OSE sets tomorrow's standards for small size and high performance. TOUGHER As the only fault-tolerant RTOS, OSE supports mission- critical real-time systems, allowing complete non-stop recovery from hardware and software failures AND hot swaps- critical for high-availability functionality. LONGER-LASTING OSE is heterogeneous, scalable, and distributable, protecting your investment by allowing your application to grow from one CPU to hundreds. MORE POWERFUL OSE's kernel offers automatic supervision, dynamic reconfiguration and integrated error handling, letting you focus on your core competency: designing applications. SIMPLER OSE's powerful ultra-efficient message-based architec- ture lets you write nearly every bit of application code using only eight system calls. PROVEN Millions of products worldwide are already taking advantage of OSE, including the top brands in telecommunications and process control. OSE is the RTOS of the future. --- - ---------------------------www. en ea. com ENEA OSE SYSTEMS 5949 SHERRY LANE , SUITE 625, DALLAS TX 75225. PHONE: 214-346-9339. FAX: 214-346-9344. EMAIL:

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