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• (Please check only one) Engineering/Computer Management 01 D Executive Management (i.e., President, VP, Owner, Chairman, Partner) 02 D Engineering Management (i.e., Technical Director, Chief Engineer, Department Manager, Group Manager) 3 What is your principal job function? P.O. BOX 3404 • NORTHBROOK, IL 60065-9468 PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS (FRONT AND BACK) THEN SIGN AND DATE THE CARD. Incomplete cards cannot be processed or acknowledged. 1 Do you wish to receive/continue to receive .EMBEDDED SYSTEMS PROGRAMMING? 0 YES 0 No Signature (required) X. ___________________ _ Name (please print) Date Job Title------------------------ Company Name --------------------- Address __________________ O Work 0 Home Mail Stop _______________________ _ City __________ State ______ Zip ______ _ Phone ( Fax: ( E-Mail :: _______________________ --:: If you do not wish to receive future communications from CMP/Miller Freamsn, Inc. via e-mail please check here 0 If you would prefer delivery to your home, please complete home address. Company name and address are still required to qualify. Address ------------------------ City __________ State ______ Zip ______ _ 2 Check all of the following that you are involved in doing • or managing at your company or at those companies to whom you consult. (Please check all that apply) 01 D Architecture Selection/ Specification 02 D Writing Software for Embedded Systems 03 D Writing/Embedding Real-Time Operating System/Kernel 04 D Debugging Software 05 D Debugging Hardware 06 D Hardware/Software Integration 07 D Hardware/Software Co-Design 08 D Device Programming 09 D Project Management 11 D Software Design/ Analysis 12 D Prototype Testing 13 D Designing Hardware for Embedded Systems 14 D Board Layout/Design 17 D Hardware/Software Co-Verification 18 D Hardware/Software Partitioning 19 D Software Testing 20 D SOC (System-on-Chip) Design 21 D Internet Appliance Design 15 D Other (please specify) --:-----:-c--:-=:--:---...,-------- 16 D I'm not involved in Embedded Development in any way. 8011 03 D Software Engineering/ Programming/Development Management (i.e., Sr Software Engineer, Principal Software Programmer) 05 D Other Management (please specify) __________ _ Engineering/Programming Personnel 04 D Systems Engineering/ Development Management (i.e., Sr Design, Hardware, or Test Engineer) 06 D Software Engineering/ Programming/Development 07 D Systems Engineering/ Development (i.e., Design, Hardware, or Test Engineer) 08 D Engineering Support (Technician, Programming Staff) 09 D Scientific/R&D/Education 10 D Other staff (please specify) _____________ _ 4 Please check all products which 01 D Microcontrollers/ Microprocessors 02 D 4/8-bit flCiflP 03 D 16-bit flCiflP 04 D 32-bit flCiflP 05 D 64-bit flC/flP 06 D X-86/Pentium 07 D Digital Signal Processors 08 D EPROM I EEPROM 09 D Flash 10 D DRAM/SRAM 11 D . Communication !Cs 12 D Meclia Processors 13 D CPLDs/FPGAs 14 D System-on-Chip (SOC) 15 D MCU Peripheral Chips 16 D Hardware IP/Cores System Boards 20 D Single Board Computers 21 D VME Boards 22 D Embedded PCs 23 D PC! Boards 24 D cPCl Boards 25 D DSP Boards Coduter Systems 29 PCs 30 D NT Workstations 31 D Unix Workstations 32 D Linux Workstations • authorize, or purchase. (Please c eck all that apply) ICs and Semiconductors Software 36 D Real-Time Operating Systems/ Kernels 37 D Compilers/Cross Compilers 38 D Assemblers/ Cross Assemblers 39 D Software Debuggers 40 D Object-Oriented Design Tools 41 D Simulators/Modeling Tools 42 D Version/Change Control Software 43 D Communications Software/ Protocols 44 D ROMable DOS Tools 45 D Device Driver Tools 46 D Embedded Databases 47 D Embedded Web/Internet Tools 48 D GUT Development Tools 49 D Open Source Tools 50 D java Tools 51 D Software Testing Tools 52 D Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) 53 D Windows CE Tools In-Circuit Emulators 57 D Logic Analyzers 58 D Oscilloscopes 59 D Data Acquisition Equipment 60 D Device Programmers 61 D Hardware/Software Co-Design Tools 62 D Hardware/Software Co-Verification Tools 63 D None of the above 01 D Computers/Peripherals/Office Automation 02 D Communications/Telecommunications/Networking 03 D Consumer Electronics/Entertainment/Multimeclia 04 D Automotive Transportation Systems and Equipment 05 D Government/Military Electronics 06 D Aerospace/Space Electronics 07 D Industrial Controls 08 D Electronic Instruments/ATE/Design & Test Equipment 5 What is the primary end product or service performed at • your location? (Please check only one) Des~ Tools/Test Equipment 56 hou specify, recommend, 09 D Medical Electronic Equipment 10 D Other: (please specify), _____________ _ 6 What is your engineering/development responsibility? • (Please check only one) 01 D I manage an engineering or software development department 02 D l manage a project team 03 D I manage a project 04 D I am a member of a project team 05 D Other (please specify), ______________ _ MORE QUESTIONS ON BACK ~ cMP •

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