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Pocket; GALEP-111 ~ ~ + ProjJT'ams B·blt and 16·blt EPROMs, EEPROMs, Zero Power RAMs, Flash, serial EEPROMs + GAL, PALU, A TF + 87xxx, 89xxx, PIC12/16/ 17Cxx + All OIL devices without adap1or • llahcnina fast parallel dJu transfer (e.a. 27CS 12 read/compare 2 sec! ) + Power supply Independent due to rechar&e<~ble b;~~uery + Uses PC printer port + Hex, JEDEC, .:and blrury file formats + HeiC and fusemap buffer editor + Spilt & shuffle for B·blt, 16-blt and 32·blt t.ll'lflS + Runs under WlnJ.I , 95, 98 , NT + 'Remote comror by DOE sc ripu + Designed for the fuwre due to flexible pin driver technoloiY • new devices will be added every month + Devke list, demo software and lifetime fru upchtes from our website! GALEP·III Set with cable, battery, recharger ... $333.00 P'LCC Ad.lptor for 8·bh EPROMt / 16·blt EPROM, I GALs ..• each $149.00 s::::::S CONITEC i!~:1 11~1 ;1 A;o'i-~'2~~~:~~':~=~~~.:~~0 ~ 23:2 !£1 T.J::0_;:Jj_r ~ JJ...:J!)::J!) A Real x86 PC Based Embedded Solution UniSTAC is a full -featured, high·end development system for Strong ARM" SA-111 0 designs. Powerfvlln·circuit Emulator featuring : 8 Mbytes emulation memory, non-intrusive Reol-time trace capture and display, support for hardware breakpoints. Also Supported : Power PC, ARM7/9, 186/386/486, Pen~um~ 680x0, SuperH, V800/850E, R3000/ 4000, M16C,M32R It's a System on a Chip • Wide ranges of 386 and Sx86 available • sophia Interface with target • Sophia original COflnector-withotJt removing target CPU • Adapters also available for BGA256. •Advanced GUI source level debugger Watch point' Sophia's powerful high-level language debugger hosted on WindowS"95198, WlndowsNT" Sonhia rsystemsN 408 -467-9911 "The best emulator I ever used!" • Low power consumption and extended temperature ranges • Guaranteed low cost and long-term supply • ISA bus, PC/ I 04, 3.5" or custom sizes available • Custom design or De-population available Toll Free 1(800) 683-7335 NUCLEUS Electronic Corp. Tel: (909) 468-5700 Fax: (909) 468-5704 "V!.!Jf!t!.'!!- E Touch Screen 6" Embedded Computer Embedded Tools Microsoft® F'REE f Visual Basic • Visual C++ • more than sao derivatives supported hitex- DEVELOP M ENT TOO L S 1-800-45-hitex • small emulation probes • real-time access to internal bus • can trigger on internal bus events · cascading triggers • trace with timestamps • dual-ported emulation memory • external trace and triggers • excellent Hll support • code coverage • performance analysis 174 NOVEMBER 2ooo Embedded Systems Programming J 00% Ready to program using the latest Microsoft 32-Bit Embedded tools. Built-in Remote Debug and Touch Screen makes this complete package easy to use. For More Information and Pricing Visit Our Web Site. Features Enterprises, Inc. Toll Free 1-888-RLC-TECH • Ela11 SC-400 ( 486 /00 Mhz) • Solid State Disk • Serial Ports ( 3) • Pri11ter Port • Digital //0 (I 6) • A11alog l11puts ( 6 ), 12 Bit • PCMC/A Card l11terjace 114 VGA

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