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JU From the Author of WATTCP on the The f.!F iashTCP gives you IOBASE-T Ethernet connectivity, a fu ll -functi on TCP/11' stack and 2 seria l ports in a pack- age 30% smaller than PC/ I 04 solutions. NET! Field-proven TCP/1 P slack, DOS and PC- cornpalible BIOS make development quick and easy. Development kits are availabl e. Call 530-297-6073 Fax 530-297-6074 See us at the Ernb Sys Conf San Jose #5028 JK microsystems Prices start at $169 qty I 00. DOS Realtime Kernel with TCPIIP Support • Preemptive & Cooperative threads • Critical Section Protection • lnterthread Messaging • Complete Re-entrant TCP/IP • Web, CGI, FTP, Email, Telnet • Web Graphics • Interrupt-driven Serial Support Call 530-297-6073 Fax 530-297-6074 JK microsystems Complete PICmicro ® Development System Get the TOTAL Package for only $699 PICmicroGI In-Circuit Emulator PICmicroe Assembler PICmicroe Debugger Windowse IDE we can save vour valuable timet tN1R00uctNG Full Featured In-Circuit Emulator 1 •Hitachi H8/H8S SH1/2/3/4 •Qualcomm MSMJOOO MSM3100 •ARM ARM719 .. ETM support" •NEC V800/V850 • Supports a wide range of micro- processors & micro~ontrollers • Universal Architecture • Real Time Filtering Trace • 100M Hz Bus Speed Support • C/C++ Source Level Debugger • Easy to Usel v.ov.o~/\\A/11. I' ~ UI"\YY/"\ ClearViewn< Mathias is a full-featured In- Circuit Emulator with a highly productive Development and Debugging environment for the PICmlcro. SB-56K Multi-DSP Emulator Fully emulates the selected PICmicro, including program memory, register memory, EEPROM, 1/0 activity, SLEEP mode and all peripherals. TOE provides Integrated source-level debugging for ALL popular PIC Compliers and Assemblers. Intuitive, Easy to Learn lull-featured environment with Integrated ClearVIew Debugger. + •Motorola 68KlPowerPC • Mitsubishi M16C/M32R • Fujitsu SPARCiite FR30/FR40 • Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonlc, OKI Also ask about our Flash Programmer! & more II Yokogawa Digital Computer Corp ol America Tel: (408) 244-1932 Fax: (408) 244-1881 email: info@ydcusa.corn Support for the Motorola DSPs: DSP560xx, DSP563xx, DSP566xx, DSP568xx SB-56K supports any combination and any count (up to 255) of the devices from the above families. With its accurate counter allowing to measure code execution (benchmarking), small size (1"x2.5"x4"), high speed RS-232 interface, the SB-56K can provide independent support for multiple devices with option to access each device on the target board from different workstations connected through LAN, WAN or Internet. , QMAIN Tel. :(972) 578-1121/ Fax: (972)_ 578-1 086 CHNOLOGIES,wc. )p 1700 Alma Dr.,#495,Piano, TX 75075 1 :~~~~=:~::~:~~~ Embedded Systems Programming NOVEMBER 2ooo 173

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