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li .... cs I? A M f • 8051 • 80186. 80196 • DSP 320Cxxx • TriCore • PIC • Real-time trace • Serial, parallel, & LAN interface • CIC++ level Chameleon Debugger 800-838-8012 805-523-9774 Fax: 805-523-9776 11992 Challenger Ct. • Moorpark, CA 93021 Since its introduction almost 10 years ago, the Tics Realt ime OS has h e lped developers worldwide c reate robust time c ritical applicatio ns ra nging f rom small embedded devices to large scale process control systems. Tics gives you a huge head start o n your p roject by providing you with a system that has all the low level work done for you so that you can concentrate on your application. What o ur customers tell us most Is that Tics Is simple yet powerful. They find the easy to use API a llows them to design and code the ir applicatio ns quickly and get their product to market on time. The powerfu l yet flexib le micro kernel design a llows o ur customers to create applications that they control and understand from thei r perspective. Please call us for more informat ion . (408) 727-3100 RTOS & Networking MICROPROCESSOR CORE SAVES COST AND DESIGN TIME Design your custom board around the Rabbit 200Q1" core module. Easy and rapid development, plus you save production and component costs! {,:..~· 100 • 40 1/0 pins • 4 serial ports • 7 timers • Banery-backed time/date clock • 128K-512K 5RAM • 256K flash • Clock up to 25.8MHz ~ Call toll-free 888.362.3387 or buy online at 1900Spaff!H'd5treet,D.wis,CA95616 • Tei530.7S7.3737 • fax530.7SlS1 41 8051 In-Circuit Emulators ·, ....::t:~J~: :. >:~- r>i~~ ~~ 5 ft. cable . Plug-in boards or RS-232 box . . Choice of user intertace: DOS, Windows or Borland keypress compatible. Hosted on PC's or Workstations. Gei!m lfSA: 1!800:833 408'4 Tel.: 314-830 4084 Fax.: 314-830 4083 i'.'•'*'•'·'AitS 1-i -H£-5 i .1 ' Online Ordering • Electronic Catalog • Software Updates • Price List . Supports virtually all derivatives of the 8051 family. . Source-level Debugger with complete C·variable support. . Real-time emulation speed up to 42 MHz. - 64 bit wide, 256K deep trace with time stamp and 'source line tracing.' Fax-On-Demand Literature Request Service 408·378-2912 noHau CORPORAT ION Call for a Free Demo Disk. (408) 866-1820 51 E. Campbell Avenue Campbell, CA 95008 Fax (408) 378-7869 Please email us or visit our website for 4\:~~2,~~~.!~ ~~ -r-:7e~-2-85 1 2-1 6 1 6 our new US office contact and full-line catalog! Fax: 886·2·8512·2282 Embedded PC r c l t04ModuJe 386 I 486 I 586 Embedded OS Embedded NT Linux (Fully Support) AR-61550 Embedded Storage Firewall CPU Card Tota 1 Embedded Solution EMBEDDED INTERNET MADE EASY! with the DOS StampTM The Leader in. Memory Emulation cost-effective way to read , program and verify 2716-8 meg EPROMS. Support for Micros, Rash, EPROM, 16-bit, PLDs, Low Voltage and Mach (call for support list for specific models, or download demos from our BBS or web site). Easy to use menu driven sottware features on-line help, and a fu ll-screen editor. Support for macros, read and save to disk, and split and set options. • Free technical support • Free sottware upgrades • 1 to 2 year warranty on all parts and labor • 30-day money-back guarantee • Made in the U.S.A. • All models include sottware, on-line help, cables, and power transformers (where I NEEDHAM ELECTRONICS, INC. 4630 Beloit Drive, #20, Sacramento, CA 95838 FAX (916) 924-8065 • BBS (916) 924-8094 (Mon. - Fri. 8 am- 5 pm, PST) • Trace to pinpoint startup problems and isolate real-time bugs. • Code Coverage to verify execution and speed up QA. • Ultra-fast downloads via Ethernet, parallel and serial ports for Unix, Windows 95/NT and DOS. []]Grammar Engine Inc. []5I Call Toll Free:

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