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New Products digital, and PWM inputs and ou t- pu ts, with video interface up to 1024 x 1024 resolu tion, and up to 16-bi t- pe r-pixel colo r in an LCD con- troll e r. The Graphics Mas ter avail- able now for $300 per uni t in OEM quantiti es. Applied Data Systems Richardson, TX (972) 238-8111 www.appl ieddata. net CAN bus computer The T-CAN is a programmable CAN bus compute r that' the size of a matchbox. T-CAN modules can pro- vide local intelligence for controller function , log-in , calibration, and other applications in distributed net- work systems. They can also control entire CAN networks. T-CAN's flash memory capabili ties make it possible Single-board computer The EnCore platform encapsula tes a single-board compute r in a module that inte rfaces with a host baseboard by means of th e PCI bus and a set of 1/0 signals tha t suppo rt direct to reprogram the modules on site or load new curves and other data. It sup- ports data transfer rates of up to 1MBps, standa rd and extended frames, and automatic bit-rate identifi- cation. The CAN bus is accessed using device drivers. Data buffers with capac- ities up to 32KB make it possible to use the CAN bus for applications that need to transfer larger amounts of data. Wilke Technology GmbH Aachen, Germany (024) 191-8900 www. peripheral and ne twork connection . It allows engineers to write applica- tion software to a par ticular RTOS API in C, C++, or J ava, and then move the applicatio n to diffe rent processors supported by th at RTOS. It's designed fo r use in sys tems that combine a 32- or 64-bi t processor with a pplicatio n-specific Enco1 logic. ·e modules feature a 120-pin PCI bus connector ; three 44-pin heade rs, which provide two serial ports, an ECP / CPP parallel port, four USB po rts, video and LCD sig- nals , keyboard and mouse; and an audio inte rface. The EnCore 500 is th e first Encore modul e. It's avail- able now for under $500 per unit in volume. Am pro San Jose, CA (408) 360-0200 Put Linux AnywhereTM SMALL. .. LARGE ... High-Availability Servers • Smart appliances • Modems • Credit card readers • Radar controls • Industrial automation • Mobile phones • Thin clients Whether your target an embedded processor footprint or is the next mat·k~t-WIIrlll Compact PC! High Availability Linea delivers a Linux• -based solution to meet your needs. Our uCiinu x'"-based microcontrollers deliver sub-1 MB memory footprints and Linea's HA Enabler delivers 99.999% reliabil ity on High Availability Compact PCI servers. So partner with Lineo and Put Linux Anywhere. To learn more about our tools, support and services, visit us at or call 1.888.463.7367 L I N E o - C 2000 Llneo, Pot Llnux Anywhcrf and uCUmu are Trademarks of U~, Inc. Uoox Is 11 rt9ISte~ trademark of Linus To~alds Embedded Systems Programming NOVEMBER 2ooo 163

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