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Analog spoken here. In this digital world, analog engineers often tell us they feel misunderstood. When the talk around the table is in ones and zeros, they're thinking in terms of currents and voltages. They say it's almost as though if you're doing analog, you're living in a different place. And speaking a different language. If this is your world, we've got some good news: now you have a place you can feel right at home. We call it Planet Analog. And it's built just for you. Planet Analog is a place on the Web devoted entirely to analog tech- nology. A place where you can get the latest news, in-depth technical coverage and product data. Plus articles contributed from some of the finest technologists in the world. And in coming months, we' ll add seminars, chats, polls, conference registration and a lot more. All under the leadership of Steve Ohr, regarded by many as the leading analog advocate in the world today. So if you're an analog engineer, come to for a place to call your own. You'll find we speak your language. SPONSORED BY: ~TEXAS INSTRUMENTS r.ANALOG WDEVICES p Semiconductor ~National EDTN NETWORK PARTNERS EBN, EET, SBN,, lSD Magazine, Power Designers, Home Tovs, PCN Alert, HOI, Communications System Design, Design & Reuse, Circuits Assembly, PC Fab, Printed Circuit Design, Toolwire, DeepChip, EDTN networK It's all right here.

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