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New Products OEMs PCI The PCI-8134 is a four-access stepper and ervo motion control card. It's designed for harsh industrial environ- me nts and provides high pulse (2.4MHz) motion control of X-Y tables, roboti cs, conveyors, pick-and- place equipment, electronic and semi- onductor test equipment, mate rial handlers, textile machinery, and pal- letizers. This PCI-8134-based motion control card features pulse train for both stepping and AC/ DC motors, with pulse rates up to 2.4Mbps. The PCI-8134 motion control ASIC enables u·aj ectory planning. Both the accelera- tion and deceleration times are pro- grammable, and the F-curve profil e smoothes motion during starting and stopping. Various operation modes are built in . These include continuous motion, absolute move, relative move, manual pulsing, simul taneous move, speed change on the fl y, linear inter- polation, and home return . The PCI- 8134 is available now for $1,254. It costs $999 each in quanti ties of 10. ADLINK Technology Irving, CA (949) 250·3339 Graphics system The Graphics Mas ter is a IUSC-based sys tem with a USB Mas te r and com- pact fl as h. It include an on-board four-port USB hub, a U B down- stream powe r switch, and a USB slave/ USB bus maste r. A second capabili ty of th e Graphics Ma te r is its compact fl ash inte rface connec- to r, whi ch extends th e exi sting fl ash memory optio ns of 8MB, 16MB, o r 32MB fl ash, and compleme nts th e 16MB and 32MB SDRAM running at 103MHz. The PCMCIA slo t is subse- que ntly availabl e fo r device cards with such features as 802.11 or IDE. In addition to th e USB Maste r and compact fl ash, the Graphics Mas ter ex tends th e se rial por t from three to seven (with IrDA, RS-232, TTL, and RS-485 options), and comple- me nts Applied Data Systems' l/0 suite: a Con t roll e r Area (CAN) Bus, PCMCIA, etwo rk 10Base-T Eth ern et, and a re-configura bl e SMART I / 0 package th a t selects from 32 di gital l/Os, 12 analog inputs, an 8 x 8 keypad, and two PWMs. T he embedded Graphics Mas ter is compa tibl e with an array of o pe ra tin g systems, including WindowsCE, Microware OS-9, and WindRive r VxWorks. I t also supports JAVA with an RTOS. The Graphics Mas ter employ high-end graphics, with multipl e high speed analog, COMMUNICATIONS DESIGN CONFERENCE Are you a Communications Design Expert? The Communications Design Conference (CDC), a vit al new forum presenting leading-edge solutions for wired, optical, and wireless systems is looking for technical experts to help define and address the design challenges for the communications systems of today and tomorrow. This is your chance to: · Share your knowledge with colleagues · Establish your expertise in the industry · Meet and exchange ideas with other experts Abstracts currently being accepted for review in the following application areas: -Wireless Infrastructure - Portable I Wireless Appliances - Systems & Infrastructure · Fiber Optic Design · Software I Middleware - Home Networking Design - lnternetworking Equipment Design · Broadband Access I Backbone Design For a complete description of each of these application tracks, and an overview of the conference format, visit www.commdesignconference.coml cfa. For additional information, please contact Conference Manager Deanna Young at or 415.538.3860. Submit an abstract today at

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