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New Products in cluding an internal clock generator that can be programmed to a specific target frequency. They' re intended for use in home and industrial securi ty sys- tems, builcling control systems, floures- cent light ballast networks, or inter-con- nected home appliances. All three chip are 68HC908KX8 available co ts 68HC908KX2 costs 68HC908AB32 costs $5. Motorola Austin, TX (512) 895-9705 www. Mtcrocontroller The W78LE58 and W78LE516 are 8-bit CMOS microcontroUers feau.uing in-sys- tem programming and flexible operat- ing voltage between 2.4V and 5.5V. They're suitable for conswner and com- $2.70, now. The the 1.95, and the munication applications that require re- programming capabilities. They both feature seven l / 0 port pins, up to 24MHz operating frequency, and data scran1bling capabi lity for ROM data secu- rity. They have 32KB or 64KB of multi- time programmable (MTP) flash ROM for the main application code and 4KB ofMTP ROM for ISP code to download data through the on-chip serial port or paraUel I/ 0 ports to the on-board ROM. The ROMs can also be programmed by a standard device programmer. Each chip also provides 512 bytes of on-chip RAM, inclucling 256 bytes of auxilary RAM and 64KB of program memory address space. They come packaged in 40-pin DIP, 44-pin PLCC, and 44-pin PQFP. They' re sampling now. Winbond Electronics San Jose, CA (408) 943-6666 www. win bond. com Programmable DSP The ADSP-21161 SHARC is a member of the Super Harvard Architectu re family ofDSPs. Capable of600 million floating-point operations per second, it's optimized for applications such as voice recognition, professional and high-end consumer audio, motor con- trol, automotive entertainment, tele- phony, instrumentation , network analysis, network infrastructure, and wireless communications. The ADSP- 211 61 supports single-instruction, multiple data execution of 32-bit fixed and floating-point arithmetic. It has 1Mbit of on-chip dual-ported memory. This dual-ported SRAM permits the user to customize the mix between the percentage of memory dedicated to instructions and the percentage of memory dedicated to data for the spe- cific application. Fourteen direct memory access channels facili tate data Dinkumware, Ltd. Genuine S ojtware Dinkum C++ for GCC/Linux Includes the Dinkum C99 Library Comes ready to run with GCC 2.95.2 on either SPARC Solaris or PC Linux Dinkum® C99 Library A complete implementation of the ISO/IEC 9899:1999 Standard C Library. The Dinkum C99 Library has rich math and locale support, and has ~-. ·· ... the extensive additions required · . · . to conform to the C++ Standard. 9'8 *Dinkumware & Dinkum are Registered Trademarks of Dinkumware, Ltd. Solaris & SPARC are Registered 'Trademarks of Sun Micorsystems , Inc. Dinkum C++ for GCC / Solaris ERTFS - EMBEDDED REAL TIME FILE SYSTEM Since 1987 in Hundreds of Applications Worldwide Selected as the File System for Several Major Embedded Operating Systems DOS/Win95/FAT32 Compatible Simple OS and CPU Porting Layer Contiguous File Support Realtime Extensions Includes Support for IDE, Floppy, ROM/RAM Disk, PCMCIA, Compact Flash CDROM Support Available I 00% 'C' Source Code • Royalty Free Only $4500°0 'OU ~ '4 J'Oftw~'C.II- ~~.(\o ed Sy.J'~ ('>~ TOLL FREE Visit Our Web Site at: I 800 428-9340 Outside U.S. Call 978 448 9340 emai l: Embedded Systems Programming NOVEMBER 2000 159

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