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New Products LEDs, and a DC power-in plug. The Ethernet Evaluation Kit is avai lable now for 99$. Scenix Mountain View, CA (650) 210-1500 Emulator DProbe 430 is a modular emulation system for the MSP430 family of microcontrollers. The basic system consists of a base board and a selec- table de rivative board. It connects to th e target hardware using adapters that have th e same footprint as the microcontrollers the DProbe 430 is designed to emulate. The DProbe 430 features 64KB of emulation memory, and 64KB of execution breakpoints that stop before instruc- tion executio n; data break points that can be used to mo nitor reads and writes to specified variables of sections of data; protection logic that monitors writes to ROM or to unprotected areas of memory; and addi tiona! trace memory that record up to 64KB of bus cycles. An extension exists for the DProbe430 that contains four triggers which monitor bus states and external sig- nals. DProbe 430 is available now. Hitex Development Tools Sunnyvale, CA (408) 733-7080 Reference design platform The NetFront browser has been ported to the 32-bi t RISC-based microcontroller, creating a develop- ment platform suitable for Inte rn et appliances. With NetFront, this ref- eren ce design platform provides OEM with open application inter- faces and software modules includ- ing a web browse r, Internet e-mail , HTML parser, HTTP, TCP / IP, FTP, SMTP, POP, and other network com- munications modules. lt also sup- ports J avaScript, cooki es, Web print- ยท in g, and multipl e la nguages. Optional plug-in modules for the browser include JV-Lite2 JVM, SSL, and streaming video. The FR micro- controll e r features a 16-bit fixed- le ngth RISC-type instru ction se t with CISC-type instructi o ns, such as bit operation or memo ry access instructions. The FR MCU costs $5. Fujitsu San Jose, CA (408) 922-900 www. fujitsumicro. com Chips DSP core When coupled with th e StarCore SClOO compile r-effi cient a rchitec- ture , the StarCore SCllO allows OEMs to develop up to 90% of their code in C. It was developed for low- to mid-range communications with DSP requirements. These include consumer DSL client modems, voice- centric wireless handsets, internet appliances, IP telephony, and auto- motive. The StarCore ClOO pro- vides a 16-bit control code instruc- tion set. It operates at 300MHz (900 RISC MIPS) at l.5V and 120MHz (360 RlSC MIPS) at 0.9V. Motorola Austin, TX (512) 895-9705 Lucent Technologies Murray Hill, NJ (800) 372-2447 Processor The Ulu-aSPARC lie is an integrated 64-bit processor for embedded applica- tions in the telecommunications, net- work infrastructure, and Internet ser- vice provider markets. It's application- 158 NOVEMBER 2000 Embedded Systems Programming software binary-compatible with other members of the Ulu-aSPARC processor family and is supported by t11e VxWorks and Solaris RTOSes. The Ulu-aSPARC Ile integrates a 256KB level 2 cache, a 32-bit 66MHz PCl bus, and an SRAM memory controller and interface. It comes in 400MHz and 500MHz ver- sions. Opet-ating at 400MHz and 1.5V, the lie's power consumption has a max- imwn of 8 watts. Operating at 500MHz and 1.7V, power consumption has a maximum of 13 watts. Additionally, power-management functions permit tl1e chip to consume a maximum of approximately 3 watts when running in sleep mode. The Ulu-aSPARC lie is avai lable now. The 400MHz version costs $230. For OEMs it costs $145 at an annual volume of 50,000. The 500MHz version cpsts $357. For OEMs it's $225 at an ant~ ual volume of 50,000. Sun Microsystems Palo Alto, CA (650) 960-1300 Flash memory controllers The 68HC908AB32, 68HC908KX8, and 68HC908KX2 are members of t11e 8-bit 68HC08 family of flash microcon- trollers. The flash memory on the 68HC908AB32 is capable of write/ erase cycling to 10,000 cycles and program- ming as fast as two milliseconds for a 64- byte block. It is also in-circuit and in- application progt-ammable, so OEMs can program late in the manufacturing cycle and make upgt-ades remotely in the field. Its features include 32KB of flash memory; 512 bytes of byte- eraseable EEPROM; 1,012 bytes of user RAM; low voltage inhibi t witl1 optional reset; serial peripheral interface and serial communications interface mod- ules; clual16-bit, 4-channel timers, eight channel 8-bit analog-to-digital convert- er; 64-pin quad flat package, and a tem- perature range of -40 degrees to + 125 degrees Centigrade. The 68HC908KX8 and 68HC908KX2 integrate flash mem- ory with several analog functions,

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