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New Products Tektronix Beaverton, OR (800) 833-9200 www. tektronix. com Po nnalyzer The MultiTrace trace port analyzer is a new component in the RealView debug tool suite for deeply embedded core . The ReaiView debug software includes three key technology suites: ReaiTrace, ReaiMo nitor, and ReaiControl. The MultiTrace analyzer is the external collection unit for the ReaiTrace suite, passively collecting information fmm ARM SoCs contain- ing an Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM). The ETM monitors the instruction and data buses at full core speeds, using the MultiTrace analyzer to buffer the collected information before transmitting to the Trace Debug tools. The MultiTrace unit will be avai lable in Decembe r. It costs $4,500 per development seat. ARM Austin,Texas (512) 327-9249 Hardware Ftherne kit The Ethernet Evaluation Kit is designed for use with the SX-Stack network protocol stack. It features a lObase-T (IEEE 802.3) Ethernet physi- cal interface and Virtual Peripheral software modules implementing Ethe rn et-specific protocols. It enables OEMs to design Internet connectivity into embedded applications that require Ethernet networking capabili- ty. In addition to such applications as remote access and monitoring devices 32/64-Bit CPU Development Boards • ARM • MIPS • Power PC • M-Core • Strong ARM I & II Cogent Modular Architecture (CMA) - a series of flexible development platforms offering advanced on-board 1/0, PCI expansion and interchangeable CPU Modules for a variety of 32/64-Bit architectures. CMA COGENT MODULAR ARCHITECTURE ••••••• ICOGENTI ••••••• D 0 0 0 0 0 0 D Cogent Computer Systems, Inc. 1-BDD-338-1453 Tel: 401-295-6505 • www. 40 L a k e B e l lev u e s ui te 100 B e ll ev u e. WA 9B005 Embedded Systems Programming NOVEMBER 2ooo 157 and industrial control systems, the SX- stack, which the kit supports, provides a bridge to Ethernet connectivity for legacy devices. The kit contains a demonstration board, an AC power supply, a serial cable, a CD-ROM con- taining source-code and other infor- mation, and a user's quide. The kit gives designers experience with an Ethernet-specific version of iSX Web Server. iSX Web Server includes the following modules: IP, ICMP, EDP, TCP, HTTP, ARO, and DHCP. The kit's demonstration board includes a 50 MIPS SX52BD embedded internet processor and an external lObase-T Ethernet inte rface chip. Ethernet iSX Web erver and NIC driver interface software a re loaded into the flash/ EEPROM memory of the processor. An external EEPROM chip is provided for storing Web page con- tent. Also included are two DB-9 serial port connections, clock circuitry,

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