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New Products Tasking Dedham, MA (781) 320-9400 www. tasking. com Plug-ins for Code Compoc:er Develope rs can now use the Swiftne t Debug Manage r and Registe r Configurati on Tool as extensions of th e Code Compose r Studio. SwiftNe t Debug Manage r all ows Code Compose r Studio to communi- cate with an unlimited numbe r of DSP ta rge ts in multiple locati ons, and facilitates live debugging and compiling ove r th e Inte rne t. When d evelo pe rs se lect processors by cli ckin g o n a pull-down li st, th e plug-in adds the appropriate proces- so r informa tio n into the Cod e Composer Studio setup, opening as many sepa ra te d ebug windows as th e re are se le cted DSPs. The Registe r Configuration Tool allows programming of board control reg- iste rs of th e 4290 Quad C6201 VME and 4291 Quad C6701 bus boards. It provide a graphical use r inte rface fo r se tting parame ters, such as ime r- processor and 1/0 BiFIFO co ntrol, fro nt-pa nel LED control, VME address configura tio n, process ID control / sta tus, and controlling sem- aphores to allow access to board global resources. Check-o ff boxes in th e tool's CUI set all parame te rs. T he e tools come with th e Code Composer Studi o for th e Pe ntek Mod el 4977, which costs $2,995. They' ll be available in th e first qua r- ter of 2001. Pentek Upper Saddle River, NJ (201) 818-5900 www. pentek. com Debug tools A de bug tool suite has bee n d es igned fo• - Inte l's new Xscale mic roarchitec ture . The suite in cludes vi sionPROBE IJ and vi sion ICE I hardwa re-ass isted, on- chip debug tools; vi sio nCLICK for Windows and visionXD fo r Unix CI C++ software de bugge rs; vi sionWARE firmwa re d evelope rs kit; and single-board compute rs with schemati cs and board-support pack- ages. The suite is integra ted with the To rn ad o e nvironment such th a t Tornado can be used before th e board-support package is developed or as a download/ debug chann el if no Ethe rn e t o r se rial po rt is avail- abl e on th e target sy tems. In addi- tion , th e tool suite supports integra- tion with proprie ta ry and third pa rty opera ting sys tems by means of an RTOS API. The visionPROBE emu- la ti o n system, bundled wi th th e visionCLICK software debugger, is avail a ble now. Visio niCE II , the visionWARE firmwa re d eve lo pe r 's kit, and board support packages will be availabl e before 2001. Wind River Systems Alameda, CA (510) 748-4100 www. wrs. com UML com iter The Des ignPoint MC-2020 mod el compile r transla te s BridgePoint UML models imo C++ fo r real-time embedded ta rgets th a t use th e VxWorks RTOS. The compiler uti- li zes a multitasking executi on model that le ts designe rs map threads of control in th e BridgePo int UML analys is models to ope ra ting system tasks. Designe rs can specify which analysis threads of control should preempt oth e r threads by assigning prioriti es to eve nts. The MC-2020 optimizes associa tions fo r co nsta nt- tim e pointe r-based navigati on from one instance of a class to anothe r. In addition, th e model compile• - uses a two-pass translation approach, thus eliminating da ta modeled on the class diagram, but not used in the actio n language. It an be co nfig- ured to translate UML models into 156 NOVEMBER 2000 Embedded Systems Programming C++ compiled and linked for execu- ti on o n a Windows NT developme nt host, in which case the designe r tests th em in th e Windows environme nt befo re actually sending th e code to the target hardware. The MC-2020 i avail abl e now. Project Technology Tucson, AZ (520) 544-2881; Error prevent1on softwa e CodeWizard v. 3.2 is a sta ti c analysis tool that a utomatically enforces a set of built-in C and C++ coding sta n- da rds. It analyzes a body of code, fl ags rule viola tions by lin e numbe r, and offe r suggesti ons and explana- ti o n. The rul es Cod eWi za rd enforces we re assembled out of pub- li c domain coding standa rds as well as consultation with experts. It also features Rul e Wizard, which allows designe rs to create additi onal rul es. Cod e Wiza rd is ava ilable now. It costs $995 for Windows and 2,495 for T IX. Parasoft Monrovia, CA (626) 305-0041 www.parasoft. com Oscilloscope voice control sot" are VocalLink is a software package that pro- vides design engineers and technicians with a voice controlled multi-lingual user interface for TDS oscilloscopes. With a set of over 60 voice commands, users may control almost all major oscil- loscope functions. VocaiLink enables users to perform measurement routines with a single voice command. Supponed languages include English, Japanese, French, Korean, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese (simplified and tra- ditional menus) . The software provides audio feedback as well.

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