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New Products Tools for Embedded Developers Software Software infnstructure The CodeRover family is a seri es of desktop software infrastructure ana ly is a pplica tions. CodeRover Browse r is a stand-alo ne desktop source-code browser. It captures re la- tionships between source code enti- ties in a personal da tabase for any combina tion of C, C++, J ava, and SQL languages. A series of ove r 50 que rie , plus graphical and textual views, allow developers to see their software from a variety of perspec- tives. CodeRove r Browser provides a hie rarchical view of a project by list- ing all e ntities by a ttribute. Attributes include name, size, and cyclomatic complexity. CodeRove r Integri ty is an automated source code quali ty a urance tool that measures newly written or modified software against predefin ed programming rules. It uses this ana lysis to provide a li t of non-compliant instances for inspec- tio n and remediation. Cod eRove r Calipe r analyzes a body of up to 500,000 lines of source code and pro- duces a quali ty assessment report. The report provides quantitative and qualita tive information abo ut th e application in graphical and textual forms. All three tools are available now for Windows platforms. deRovet- Browser is $195, Caliper is $1,195, and In tegri ty is $595. Upspring Software Burlington, MA (781) 359-3300 www. upspringsoftware. com Code verification tool Po ly C Verifi e r features a technology call ed absu-act inte rpre ta ti on th at check the dynamic prope rti es of a software application with out actual- ly running it. Instead of ite rative ly ve rifying software state , Po ly C Ve rifie r works on an abstraction of the analyzed software and eva luates th e code a single tim e fo r the bounded region of possible in teger values. Poly C Ve rifie r is capable of de tecting an a ttempt to read a no n- initiali zed variable, access confli cts for unprotected sha red da ta, refer- en cing through null o r o ut-of- bounds pointe rs, out-of-bound a rray access, buffe r ove rflow, division by ze ro, invalid arithm e ti c o pera tions such as square roo t of a negative number, overflow or unde rfl ow of arithm e tic opera tions for integers and fl oatin g-po int numbe rs, unreachable code, and illegal type conversio n. Poly C Ve rifie r is avail- able now. Polyspace Technologies Beverly, MA (877) 711-7659 Model-based design tools Simulink v. 4.0, Statefl ow v. 4.0, and Real-Time Workshop v. 4.0 are parts of the Control Design Suite, an inte ractive, graphi c modeling e nvi- ronment in which use rs can model, analyze, and simulate complex, large- scale systems. Use rs th en convert the mode ls to instrume nted code fo r p ro to typing and hardwa re-in-th e- loop simulation. Othe r tools in the suite measure performance, graphi- cally compare models, and analyze the test coverage of model simula- tion. The suite also suppo rts the inte- gration of C, Fortran, and Ada code. For large proj ects, th e tools include an integrated finde r tha t shows infor- mati on and attributes as hype rlin ks to graphical mode ls. The Control Sui te (co nsisting o f MATLAB, Simulink, Statefl ow, and the Control System Toolbox), and Sta tefl ow Coder are available now. The suite sta rts a t $7,650. Sta te flow Code r starts at $2,800. The Math Works Natick, MA (508) 647-7000 www. mathworks. com StarCore tool suite This tool suite fo r th e SClOO DSP core is optimized for designing DSP applicatio ns. The suite includes an integrated d eve lopme n t e nviro n- men t (IDE), a C/ C++ compile r, an assemble r, a linker/ locator, and a debugger. T he compiler supports SoC and ASIC implementa ti o n, VLIW instruction-se ts, and pa rallel processing uni ts. Its DSP optimiza- tions include DSP-C language exte n- sions, leaf-fun cti on ha ndling, regis- te r caching, loop unrollin g, unroll- and-jam, peep hole optimizati ons, instruction mutati on, predicati o n- se nsitive registe r a llocati o n, and softwa re pipe ling using ite ra ted modul o scheduling. CrossView Pro d ebugger will provid e executi o n control of individual processo rs and processor combina tio ns. It will also h andle cross-processor breakpoints in the hardwa re and manage diffe r- ences in on-chip debugging upport in the data communications link, executio n control, data access, trace fac iliti es, and core a rchitecture. Compo ne nt of the SCIOO DSP tool suite will be avail abl e in the first quarter of 2001. Embedded Systems Programming NOVEMBER 2000 155

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