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Programming the bear And let's not neglect to mention the tools needed to develop battle-hard- ened applications. One big fear that took shape last year and lingers on is concern about tool availability. A year ago, th e embedded community began to worry that fewer development tools would be avai lable for each chip on the market. That con cern was h e ightened by Motorola's acquisition of software- tools vendor Metrowerks. Those concerns have not been borne out. Rather, there may be cause for optimism instead. A case in point is In-Circuit Emulators tl1e Sta.rCore DSP architecture, which comes out of the eponymous company formed as an alliance between Lucent Technologies and Motorola. Sta.rCore has actively financed the development of compilers and toolsets from Green Hills Software. The latter firm says the product is about to ship. Meanwhile, Tasking says they are going to offer their own, robust set of tools for StarCore, eve n though Motorola hasn 't officially taken them under its wing. Tasking points to its 15 years of experience with DSPs as the reason it believes it will come up with a winning toolsuite. So here is an example of an embedded part (albeit a DSP) that is garnering more tools support, not less. The same can be said on the real- time-operating-system front, where a host of next-generation RTOSes are being aggressively served up by the likes of Wind River, Enea OS, LynuxWorks, and others. Nevertheless, it behooves the Preserve your investment in time and capital with universal emulators from iSYSTEM. A complete line, from low-cost BDM/JTAG to high-end full-function ICEs. Support for over 400 micro- controllers with a simple swap of the POD or software setup. Driven with an intuitive development environment integrating all popular compilers. Thousands in use world-wide . Call for your free demo CD. America Europe Scandinavia Asia Pacific 1 (888) 543-5300 49 (8131) 70610 46 (40) 459571 t SYSTEM 82 (2) 2645-0386 www. isystem .com 154 NOVEMBER 2000 Embedded Systems Programming embedded developer to remember that, no matter how cutting edge the application, tl1e oldest rules in the book still apply to the selection of the embedded device and tools chain. Almost to a person, the engineers in ter- viewed for this article agreed on three factors: cost, cost, and cost. Alexander Wolfe is editor-at-large for ESP. He holds a BE in electrical engineering from Cooper Union. He has written assem- bly language code for embedded systems. He is co-author ofFrom Chips to Systems: An Introduction to Microcomputers, 2nd Edition (Sybex, 1987). He can be reached at awolje@cmp. com Resources www. hyperstone-electronics. com developer. intel. com www. www. arccores. com esp

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