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cient for your application, then you should stick with it. On the other hand, if your system requires an SoC, tl1en the cost of the intellectual prop- erty for tl1e controller is usually the dominant cost of the system." However, in today's changing embedded world, where appli ca- tions range from cell-phone hand- sets to handhe ld computers, there are no hard and fast rules. Specificiall y, there is li ttle to guide the designer as to what a safe vol- ume crossover point is, where they might want to go to SoC design ver- sus an off-th e-s he lf part. "That's really hard to say," noted Steck. "It depends on the volume." For exam- ple, he pointed to one of his compa- ny's customers with 200,000 units a year who went the SoC route, while noting another customer, using o ne mil lion units a year, who is still stick- ing with the piece-part. Over the moon Reports of its death having been sub- stantially exaggerated, Java appears to be hanging in there as a hardware exe- cution engine for embedded applica- tions. One little-known British startup, Vulcan ASIC, has just unveiled its "Moon" J ava hardware core (see Figure 2). Vulcan's unique twi t, which it hopes will jumpstart a sti ll-sleepy Java hardware market, is that Moon won't be sold as an off-the-shelf part. "The whole idea is retargetable IP from scratch," said Mark Goodson, join t managing director of Vulcan, which began operation in 1996 as a design consulting hou e. The 32-bit Moon core directly exe- cutes J ava, in native mode, in hard- ware. Vulcan officials claim Moon uses silicon real estate th at's one- third the size of the layout of the picoJavall core. picoJava, though Custom C++ Code Compliance Analysis since 1984! CODEFIXJ{' Version 2.0 C++ CODE MAPPING CODEFIX Version 2.0 is a pro- grammable tool for modifying all C and C++ source code on a file or project basis. • Obfuscation and shrouding for C++ programs. • Insertion of code for dynamic runtime testing. • Database generation from C++ source code. PCYACC'R' Version 9.0 PROFESSIONAL LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT Includes "Drop In" Language Engines for SQL, dBASE, POSTSCRIPT, HYPERTALK, SMALLTALK-80, C++, C, PASCAL, PROLOG, FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, SGML, ASN, RPG, REXX, PL 1, SNA, RTF, VISUAL BASIC, SQL2, DB2, VHDL, HTML, VMRL, JAVA, ODMG-ODL/OQL, SQL3, MODULA-3, DELPHI, VBS, and ADA. • Portable Object Oriented Classes for C++ and JAVA- Error, Symbol Table, Syntax Tree, Yacc, and Lex. CODECHECK){, Version 9.0 SOURCE CODE ANALYST Includes "Drop-In" Rules for Compliance analysis, Adherence to specifications, Measures of complexity, Silent error detection, Code maintainability, and Portability. • Maintainability- CODECHECK identifies and measures complex, sloppy, and hard to maintain code. • Compliance- CodeCheck allows your corporate coding and project specification standards to be com· pletely automated for compliance validation. 30 day Money back guarantee! Free AIR Shipping anywhere in the world! ABRAXAs·· Software,lnc. 4726 S.E. Division St. Portland, OR 97206 TEL (503) 232·0540 FAX (503) 232·0543 E·Mail: To Order Call 1-800-347-5214 DOS $495, MAC $495, LINUX $495, WIN 2000$995, UNIX $1995. 680 Worcester Road Framingham MA 01702 Ph: (508) 872-7675 Fax: (508) 620-6828 email: WWW: 150 NOVEMBER 2ooo Embedded Systems Programming never a big market success, was Sun Microsystem 's original stab at a Java hardware architecture. Now, after several years in the dol- dmms, numerous new hardware play- ers appear ready to jump into the Java waters. "The infrastructure for Java chips is now here and design engi- neers are being pushed to think more creatively in terms of designs and applications," said Paul Zorfass, princi- pal embedded analyst with First Data. Indeed, the impents for the bur- geoning activity is the broadening need for low power and mid-level per- formance devices, at a decent price, which can power Internet appliances such as smart phones and handheld Web browsers. Vulcan's Goodson sees a ripe mar- ket for IP that can translate into quick- turnaround J ava silicon. This is a result of several concurrent develop- ments, he believes. "We are seeing the Can CMX Really Put TCP/IP On My Little Ole-Chip? Yes, Ma'am, CMX has been doing amazing things with RTOSes and TCP/IP stacks for many years now. If you haven't visited us in a while, you are missing a lot of cool, new technology that 1s economical, royalty free, and comes with

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