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Ready to Eat Ready to Use Enjoy Both Right Out of the Box. Under a time crunch? A Micro/sys embedded PC will place you at the point of writing application specific software right out of the box. For example, our pre-installed Linux system runs directly from flash disk upon poweron, without having to struggle with boot loaders yourself. Just attach 5V and the board will come up with a signon message. After that, and if you need them, our top notch engineering and technical support will follow you from your first phone call through application development. The result: a match-up of your requirements for PC-compatible hardware and application I/O- all on one board- with your operating system. In addition to Linux, w e have a number of Board Support Packages for RTOS systems and Windows'M versions . All of which means that your time pressures-not to mention board size and integration costs- will shrink without sacrificing functionality. For more scrumptious food for thought, call or log onto our Web site today. ~2000 Micro/sys. All brand and/or product names listed are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Linux to go! Illustrated is the Linux version of our SBC0486 embedded PC- a turnkey Linux solution compatible with RedHat.'" Trim and fit, you get a root user logon right out of the box. File systems, security, networking, remote debugger, digital I/O, analog I/O- it's all there. Visit our Web site at or call (818) 244-4600 today! MICRO/SVS 3730 Park Place, Montrose, CA 91020 Voice (818) 244-4600 Fax (818) 244-4246

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