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Finding defects is a painful procedure. Eliminate the pain with lnstantQA~M It identifies critical defects in C and C++ programs like NULL pointer dereferences, memory leaks, and array bounds violations. Using abstract interpretation technology, lnstantQA exhaustively analyzes your software - yet requires no test cases or execution environment. It reduces testing and debugging time by pinpointing defects to specific source lines. As a service, it provides a com- prehensive evaluation in less than a week without burdening developers or testers. lnstantQA supports Windows, Unix, and popular embedded operating systems. Get the full story on lnstantQA plus a FREE ,_ __ copy of our Guide to Building Great Software! Visit YW.rea o ng m/ er1b s h 1 or call -~!l.~.':!i: .-SSo-429-4111 for more information. ~REASONING HELPING THE WORLD BUILD GREAT SOFTWARE TM

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