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Any other way of developing software is • Why slave over writing, validating, debugging and documenting your code ... when you can actually enjoy designing it? We feel your pain. Thac's why we created Rhapsody®. Jc's ch e only visua l UML compliant rea l-cim e application software development environmenc chac simultaneously integrates and automates analysis, des ign, implemencacion and ces c. Our exclus ive Model-Code Associa- tivity guarantees chac your model and code are always in sync. Change yo ur model, your cod e changes. Or-you won't believe chi s-change yo ur cod e, yo ur model changes. And you won' t even brea k a swea c. Frankly, Rhapsod y is amaz ing. lc au coma cical l y gene races read able, deploy- able, produccion-qualicy C, C++ and Java®. Noc just code fram es, buc ALL che code. You can say goodbye co che tedium of manuall y d evelo ping makefil es, scace machines, communicatio n infra- scru ccures and che like. Yo u ca n also move from one RTOS co another wich the push o f a button. Yes! With Rhapsody 's unique d es ign-level debugging you ca n visuali ze, eas il y dececc and inscancly correct logic and program- ming errors. In fa ct, yo u ca n actually tes t your application as you build ic. And, wonder of wonders, you ca n impo rt and reuse your legacy code. How's th ;lC for fl ex ible ? Rhapsody users are already reducing their development cycle by at least 3 0%. C'mo n, what are you waiting for ? Rhapsody will change the way yo u work. Forever. Visit us at to download a free copy of Rhapsody. Rhapsody® © 2000 1-Logix Inc. Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystcms, Inc.

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