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Get a running 'C6x DSP, Xilinx FPGA and 586-class Microprocessor on the same development board. When it comes to real-time signal processing, DSPs and FPGAs both have an essential role to play. Programmable Gate Arrays can efficiently take care of front-end, data-intensive processing while the DSP handles what it does best: code-intensive processing. And like in every twosome a third player can add a little .. . excitement, a 586-class microprocessor can take care of protocols for communications, system housekeeping, and much more. LSP's Signa/Master series was designed so that you can easily get the three of those working together ... very closely. The new CompactPCI 'C6x-based platform features Xilinx's most powerful FPGA- the VIRTEX series- in the very front end of the data acquisition path while the DSP sits behind, waiting for pre-processed data to be received for processing. The FPGA thus handles pre-processing of signals co_ sites, 60-bit GPIO header, and H.llO interface. The 586-class Elan 1M ming in the 4 A/D channels, the VIM-2 expansion processor, in turn, makes it possible to send and receive data over a 100-Mbit Ethernet port, monitor performances, basically perform whatever you want it to do. Moreover, the platform allows developers to use standard development tools with the platform - Code Composer Studio®, Xilinx Foundation®/ Alliance®, JTAG emulators, even MATLAB® & SIMULINK. We can also help you out with your design. May it be software or hardware. We even have other architectures based on Altera FPGAs, and DSPs from Analog Devices, Motorola and Infineon. Will A MU o.TAWAY 1200 St-Jean-Baptiste Ave., suite 120 Quebec City, PQ G2E 5E8 Canada Tel.: (418) 877-4644 Fax: (418) 877-7710 1-888-922-4644 h tp:JI ignal·lsp. com TO IIMTMtl CAIIADAI Inquire about LSP products before December 15th, 2000 and win a free, romantic week-end getaway to Eastern Canada. See for details on how to enter the draw. • SignalMaste r, VIRTEX, Code Composer Studio, MATLAB, Elan, Foundation and Alliance are trademarks of their respective holders.

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