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Being The Smallest Is not Enough. Imagine an RTOS that functionally scales to your needs, giving you a footprint as small as 3 Kbytes. Now imagine as well as having the smallest kernel, this RTOS has a host of other features to make you feel comfortable ... no run-time royalties, better real-time responsiveness, lower run-time costs. Open your eyes to ThreadX, the leading royalty- free, source-code RTOS. ThreadX offers you all the outstanding qualities you need to develop the best embedded products on the market today. Its unique picokernel architecture ensures the size of the RTOS is directly proportional to what you use. ThreadX also includes must-have features, such as preemption-threshold technology, shown by independent research to give you the best of pre- emptive and non-preemptive scheduling models. With processor support for most processor families, clear and concise documentation, and such extensive ThreadX-aware debugger integration, you will be up and running in no time! Call 888.THREADX or visit and find out more about ThreadX, the RTOS that makes you comfortable. the comfortable RTOS Express Logic, Inc. tf 888.THREADX • fx 858.613.6646 •

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