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"""'~_ ...... Our job is to make your job easier. That's why our latest logic analyzer employs a huge 12.1 inch touch screen that's easy to see and use, transforming your task into much less of one. It also utilizes hot keys and front panel knobs that allow you to instantly access frequently used windows, and break many functions down into just a couple steps. Add to that Eye Finder technology that automatically adjusts for the optimal set-up and hold conditions on high speed buses. And modules from your 16500 can be used in the Agilent Technologies 167028 Logic Analyzer, which supports future generation modules as well. Meaning you'll be performing effortless logic analysis for years to come. To find out more, contact us. We'll send you a free video that will show you just how simple it really is. .. . com/find/LAS-OSO 1-800-452-4844·, Ext. 7076 !1nooo AOlltlllt T,·.onolor'le~ AOfP1464004'lSP ·'n CAnada caU I·SnS9-l-4414, txt. 1077

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