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In-Circuit Emulators for ••• MX430 family: For MSP430 microcontrollers, these emulator systems support all members of this TI family of low-power microprocessors, including the ultra-low-power MSP430x11x derivatives. These instruments are proving to be very popular. C166 family: DProbe167 and DBox167 A modular family of powerful in-circuit emulator systems for the Siemens C16x variants featuring the most advanced adaptation technology: PressOn. Our C161 system with a 64 K trace buffer module is available for less than $3,SOO. Also supports ST-10 microcontrollers. 68HC 1 2 family: Hitex Germany DProbeHC 1 2 For 68HC12 processors; supports maximum speed and all operating voltages; plug and play (no jumpers, no switches); additional BDM interface cable; flash programming built-in; PlugOn trace with 32k frames. Move up to super advanced features with DBoxHC12. 8051 family: and more: 251, 68k, CPU-32, 80x86, 68HCll, Pentium®Processor MX51/AX51 True real-time emulation for morethan 500 variants from all manufacturers. Including derivatives like Atmel 89S82S2, Intel 8X931X and Siemens CSOSe. Hitex UK Hitex Asia hitex DEVELOPMENT TOOLS Hitex USA 710 Lakeway Dr., Suite 280 Sunnyvale, California 94086 Tel.: Tel.: Fax: E-mail Tel. : Fax: Tel. : Fax: Tel.: Fax: (800) 4S-HITEX (408) 733-7080 (408) 733-6320 (0721) 9628-133 (0721) 9628-149 (01203) 69 20 66 (01203) 69 21 31 (65) 74 52 551 (65) 74 54 662 Advanced technology that brings results ... "The best emulator that I ever used!"

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