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Internet Appliance Products Embedded Internet Tools Chip for wireless The iChip Internet Controller is a peripheral chip that works in tandem with a device's host proce sor. It enables engineers to make In ternet connectivity a feature of their products without designing in additional proces- sors and memory to run the necessary protocols. It includes 5121<.B of on- board fl ash memory for storing and updating TCP / IP and other protocols. A few lines of code written in the host processor will invoke the Internet pro- tocols stored in iChip's flash memory. In addition to supporting wireless modems, iChip now includes HTTP client software; binary MIME attach- ment ; auto baud-rate detection for modem onfiguration; stay-online fea- ture for sending and receiving multiple mes ages within one In ternet session; and hardwa re flow cono-ol that frees dle ho t CPU from managing commu- nicati n . iChip is available now for 20 each in quantities of 10,000. Connect One Santa Clara, CA (408) 986-9602 Processor The BlueBird seJies of digital voice and digital music processors are designed to enable audio user interface capabiJities in mobile devices. The BlueBirdV and BlueBirdVL aJlow MP3 devices to utiJize voice record with background noise can- cellation. They aJso enable PDAs to act like low-power audio devices and record or playback voice attachments to e-mail. On notebook computers, the chips can interface with CD-ROM drives to play back MP3 or audio CDs during sleep mode. The BlueBirdV is sampling now for $19 per unit in quantities of 10,000. Silicon Motion San Jose, CA (408) 501-5300 linllx driver for PCI boards Thi s Linux drive r works with all PCI DAP boards from th e top of th e lin e DAP 5200a/ 526 to the entry-l evel DAP 840/ 103. Every DAP model has onboard intelligence implememed as DAPL, a multitasking RTOS that runs on an onboard processor. The user controls th e RTOS from an a pplication runnin g under a Linux sys tem that contains the board. Real- time functions in DAPL include soft- ware triggerin g, data reduction, fi l- tering, FIT, and PID. The d river sup- ports Linux ke rn e l 2.2. You can download a free copy at the compa- ny's Web site. Microstar Laboratories Bellevue, WA (425) 453-2345 Wireless software SMP-Softwire is a digital processor-pool Surf Communication Solutions Maynard, MA (978) 897-4005 "Swiss army knife" for Linllx BusyBox is a Linux development tool that combines liny versions of com- mon UNIX utilities in to a single exe- cUk'1ble. It was designed for use widl size- and resource-limi ted projects. Its a rchi tecture is modular, allowing designers to include or exclude specif- ic feauII"es at compile time. Busybox is open source and free ly diso-ibutable unde r the GNU ge neral publi c license. Lineo Lindon, UT (801) 426-5001 opensource.lineo. com techno logy signal tha t enables wireless equipment manufac- turers to gene rate products that com- bine networked fun ctio ns such as voice, data, video, and fax services. It ru ns on DSP devices and is IP-ready. Among dle protocols SMP-Softwire features are GSM 3.45 and 3G TS 23.146 fax adaption protocols; cus- tomized cellular V,90 modem pools for high speed circuit switched data (HSCSD) and enhanced data rate EDGE/ EHSCSD channels; and GSM AMR and FR vo ice coding. SMP- SoftWire is available now. Software and RTOS package The Advanced High Availability for Linux (HA-Linux) software is now being packaged with Red Hat Linux. The soft- ware tools and application enablers sup- ported on Red Hat Linux are now avai l- able to te1ecom OEMs building wireless, wireli ne, and Internet infrasu"ucture applications. The HA-Linu.x offering, togedler with Red Hat Linux, will be available on the CPX8000 line of com- puter platforms. Features of HA-LimLX oft ware include host CPU multi-stage switch over, hot-swap of aJ I components, and network management. HA-LimLX widl Red Hat LimLX 6.2 is available now. The package ranges from $449 to $748. Motorola Austin, TX (512) 895-6217 Embedded Systems Programming OCTOBER 2000 73

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